"Gee,Nico I've never really tried..."I say,shifting my weight uncontrollably.
Can we?"Nico pleaded.
I look out the window,it was getting darker...and so were my wings."I don't know,the Harpies..."I trail off.

Nico completely disregarded my previous comment."I'll never ask you,to do anything for me ever again!"

*5 minutes later*
My wings felt like they were my made of steel,Nico's added weight didn't help either.But,the view made it worth while.

The stars shone like little fireflies blinking and dancing around us.The wind rushes through my hair,a push of adrenaline pulses through me.

"So beautiful."I breathe,my voice barely over a whisper.

"I couldn't agree more."Nico replies,looking up at me smiling.

Suddenly,I feel woozy.I wasn't sure if it was my fear of heights or if it was the fact this kid may or may have not called me beautiful.

">"The sky,right?"I ask,just to clarify.
I'm not sure if his face was red or not because of the lack of light."That too."he murmurs.

My arms tighten around his arms.I feel like I'm about to fall.

"Vanessa,are you okay?Your afraid of heights aren't you?Set me down."

"N-no it's okay,really I need to face my-"before I could finish,Nico starts thrashing in my arms.

"SET ME DOWN!"he yelled,angrily.

I sighed...sometime it's like it's the guys who gets their period.

I fly slowly back into camp,and set him down right infront of the Hades Cabin.Nico grins from ear-to-ear.

"That was SO cool!"he squealed,like he was 10 again.The thought pulled at my heart.
(what heart?)

I smile at him,but it quickly disappears at the thought of the Harpies."Come on,let's go before we get caught!"I tell him ushering him inside.

I quickly close the door behind us,pressing my back to the door.I breathe out,a breath I didn't know I was holding.

"You should get some sleep."Nico instructed,I wanted to argue.But,I realized how exhausted I was.

My knees buckle,probably a backlash from all the power I've used.Before,I could say anything my eyes feel heavy.I fight to stay awake,long enough for Nico to gather me in his arms,kiss my forehead and whisper "With great power,comes the great need to nap."

And with that I fell into a dreamless sleep.

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