Life Before Crime Continued...

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        When My father took me into the white lit room, it smelled as if they had spilled bleach and cold medicine, it sent signals to my brain as if I was in a dream. " Father, why does it smell like this in here? It makes me feel a little off somehow but not queezy..." Father lookd at me then started to fix his glasses, I know he's going to act like he's super smart now, " that's because it is the smell of the embalming fluid used to preserve bodies, it can be called BHT which is common to preserve foods." My eyes started to drag towards a white clip board at the end of some corpses feet, while father was looking at another dead man in the room, I checked the one infront of me, I think this is the guy who had the gold in his stomach because the clip board says that he died because of a large stone was in his stomach.

        Father saw me reading the document about the diceased man, " that's the guy who helped our family with that big gold nugget he swallowed, you can see the insitions I made to cut it out carefully. Now you can 'check' on him while I'm doing an autopsy in the next room. Be good while I'm gone for a while."

        As soon as my father left the room, I ran to the other body and read the document, Cause of Death: a severe cut to the throat, how brutal but I kind of think it's funny, I wonder why? I went back to the gold-eater (new nickname for him) to look for anything unmentioned in the document as if I worked here."That's strange, his ankles look out of place. Did he twist his ankles before he died? I have to tell father as soon as he get back, I want to find as much as I can about this guy..." I remember seeing a printer in the room across the hall, so I took the document and made another copy, "I'll keep this one and put the original back." 

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