Chapter 14

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Natalia's POV

Pain shot through my arms as I woke up. Everything was black and I could only see this small red dot around 5 metres away from me. "Wha? Jace?" I called out and went to rub my face only to not move. I looked up at saw the dark chains holding me to the ceiling. "Calling for your boyfriend I see?" A voice asked and my head shot to where the voice came from. "No!" I whispered as I remembered who possessed the voice. His sickly laughed filled my ears and I cringed at it. His accent showing through his words, proving he has been back home. "You're dead!" I said as tears pricked my eyes. Lights above me flickered on to reveal the man I thought died 10 years ago. "Natalia!" His pronunciation of my name sent chills through my body. "Where is my top?" I asked as I saw I was only in my jeans and bra. No socks or shoes. "Natalia you of all people should understand!" He said and I growled at him. "No! You need my concent and I say no!" I spat and then felt a stinging sensation spread across my face. He slapped me.

"Natalia!" He shouted and sighed. "You are not the boss of me anymore father!" I said cleary and I saw his jaw clench. "You should be proud to be called my daughter!" He said and when he walked away from in front of me that's when I saw the camera. "You're recording this?" I shrieked and he shook his head. "It's live! You sick son of a bi-" His hand struck my cheek again causing me to growl and fling myself forward. His hand pressed against my abdomen and I cringed. "Keep your hands off of me!" I spat and panted as I felt cold hand being placed on my hips.

"Now now dear! Is that any way to talk to your father?" He asked me, I didn't know who was behind me but it wasn't dad becayse he was in front of me, but nit in front of the camera. "Who's behind me?" I asked gently and a shiver wrnt through my spine as they rubbed their hands up and down my sides; getting higher every time.

"The father of your daughter and my brother!" Dad said and I instantly tried ti shake off his touch. "Let go of me!" I cried as he kept hus hands on my side. "Truth hurts doesnt it?" Dad asked me and I bowed my head. "Did you think I forgit about our special moment babe?" His breath hitting my ear caused more tears to fall. "It wasn't a moment you raped me!" I said and screamed as he dug his nails into my hips. "What have you done to your beautiful body Natalia? Where are all these scars from? And why can I see your ribs so clearly?" He asked gently and rubbed his thumbs over the cresent moon shape marks on my hips.

"You happened!" I cried and when his hands traveled to the front if my body and to my waist band I shook. His body pressed to my back; holding me in place. "Forgetting how much you enjoyed this?" He asked and I nodded my head slowly. I never enjoyed it so I had tried to forget everything to do with it. "Are you telling me you forget the day we made our daughter?" He growled in my ear.

The words he used caused me to get angry. "WE? THERE IS NO WE! ITS YOU AND 15 YEAR OLD THAT GOT RAPED BY HER UNCLE!" I shouted and then screamed when he grabbed a handful of my hair. "Well then I guess I better remind you!" He bit my ear and I squeled. "Brother may I have your daughter? She'll still be fit enough!" He asked dad who was just watching. "You already have had her! Zis little whore has to children out of wedlock!" "Wow father! Accent is showing there!" I laughed bitterly at him and cried when I felt my uncle bite my shoulder. Her sucked and nipped at the skin, obviously trying to leave a mark. "You leave a mark and you're gonna regret it!" I said and he laughed. "Oooh, I quiver with fear!" He growled in my ear and moved his hands to the front of my jeans.

His hand went to my jeand buttons and popped them open. He took the zip down and slipped his hand in causing me to shake against the chains. "Move your frigging hand now!" I growled and he laughed. "Why Natalia? Not like you haven't done it before!" "Father please!" I begged and my uncle's hand moved his hand closer and closer to my crotch. "What did you just say?" My dad asked as he stood up straight. My uncle finally moved his hand lower and I squeled as he grabbed a hold of me tightly. Both of his hands holding onto my body stopping me from moving. "Daddy please!" I cried and I saw him soften slightly. "Brother!" He said sternily and I cried as he tried to pull my jeans down so he could get more access to me. "What are you doing to my daughter Brandon? In this family we do not do that to one another!" My father said and I pulled my legs up to my chest fast causing him to hold his hurt hand. He moved both hands to my hips and yanked my jeans down and off my feet. "Brother! Let Me! It is traditional!" He lied but sadly father didnt know that. "This is part of it?" He asked his older brother who was rocking my hips into him. "I promise I'll be careful this time brother!" He said lustfully and I shook and cried.

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