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Chapter 6


Neveah's POV:

   Sitting up, I waved at the Alpha. I don't even remember his name. I think it started with a K, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. He sent me a wink over his shoulder as he headed onto the dance floor, a drink in his hand as he expected me to follow him.

   I stayed firmly in my seat, throwing him a dashing smile. We were at some bar in town, the sun had setted hours ago, and I had went home to change, because well, I'm me and I couldn't go drinking wearing this.

   I wrapped my fingers around the glass of burbon infront of me, letting my mind drift off to earlier on in the day.

   After we had left the boring, old school, Kristen, there you go that's his name, and I got in his truck, and drove all day. We had stopped for many snacks along the way as we finally decided to go to the beach and walk. It was pretty cold outside, but Kristen's a warm blooded werewolf while I felt nothing being a vampire.

   We walked on the beach and watched the sun set, and I couldn't feel any better. My heart had ached to be near the certain alpha, but I just couldn't deal with it. I've never felt such strong emotions in my whole existance, and yet, I managed to become so clingy to him in such a short amount of time.

   I downed the alcohol quickly, loving the way the sting instantly disappeared when I let my fangs come out. I was starving, and being around all these humans, plus being drunk, was making me loose control a bit. I instantly went into seducing mode, something every vampire does when they're on the hunt.

   Warm fingers wrapped around my wrist, pulling me into a warm muscular chest that I've never noticed. "Are you okay?" He asked, his fingers warming my ice cold skin. Kristen held his gaze on me, a look of worry controling all his god-like features.

   "Oh my god. I totally lost control over myself, I'm sorry," I quickly said, rushing out of the bar and into the street. I'm four centuries old, and I've learned how to control my thrist, but I totally lost control. I'm not being myself today. I couldn't blame this on anyone but myself.

   The stupid Alpha had made me care. I worried for him even though I don't know him well. "Neveah! Wait!" I stopped in my tracks.

   "What happened back there?" Kristen asked.

   "I lost control of my thrist. Um, you shouldn't be this close to me at the moment, I can hurt you," I whispered, feeling ashamed. If Camerom found out about this, he'll loose it. He'll lock me up, vervain ropes wrapped around me, blood infront of me, until I can control myself.

   It has happened a handful of times since we've moved here, but I never mentioned it.

   "You won't hurt me."

   I let out a very unlady like snort before saying,"You don't know that. I don't even know that."

   He took a step closer, wrapping his fingers around my wrist before letting his fingers slid in my hand. He interlocked our fingers, letting our hands hang by our sides. The sparks I felt as our hands stayed connected was unbelievable. The soft tingles finally processed in my brain, and I finally realized that my mate was holding my hand.

   It feels weird to call him my mate because I've truly haven't dealt with the fact that I have a other half. I couldn't get close to him, I know that. I couldn't let myself get closer to him, I just couldn't. But I couldn't bring myself to pull my hand away from his either.

   "I trust you. I will never let anyone hurt you," Kristen said, stepping even closer to me, and tucking a piece of my blond hair behind my ear.

   "That's where you're wrong. They're coming for me and it'll always be like that."

   Kristen had dropped me off at home, promising he'll have one of his pack members bring my car over in the morning. I don't even bother locking the thing anyway, so for all I know someone could have stole it.

   I still didn't have the heart to tell him about my past. Yes, I've told him the brief version, but I couldn’t bring myself to form words. Sighing, I walked into my bedroom to see Dexter spread out across the bed, his hands at the back of his head. He sent me a small smile, hopping up onto his feet.

   "Had fun with the mutt?"

   His words made me angry, but I just clenched my jaw, keeping my mouth shut before I said something I would regret later. "How did you know I was with him?" I asked, placing my purse at the foot of my bed.

   "Michael doesn't want you anywhere near the wolves." I rolled my eyes. Did this guy seriously think that I would listen to him just because I was part of the 'clan'? He was a pyschopath that I wanted nothing to do with, but my dreams are crushed.

   "He can't tell me what to do," I snort. "I'm the one that asked the Alpha if we could hunt on his territory, which he agreed to!"

   "I wonder how you got him to agree. You know you can confide in me, right? I am here to be your friend if you need one. I won't tell Michael anything," Dexter said, mimicking a scout's honor gesture.

   I let out a laugh before gesturing him to take a seat. "You promise you won't say anything?" I asked, holding out my pinky for him to take. "You do know you can't break a pinky promise, right?"

   "Yes I know," Dexter scoffed, "I promise I won't tell." He wrapped his much larger pinky around mine before listening closely. This was totally going to be a huge bomb to drop.

   "The Alpha, Kristen, is my mate."

   "That's so cool!" Dexter yelled. He seems more excited about it than me, and that's because the Alpha is my mate.

   Dexter just might be crazy, yup that's it. He's insane. "How do you find this cool? I'm losing my damn mind! I don't know what to do," I said, tugging at my hair.

   Snatching up my hands, Dexter held onto them tightly. "Leave your hair alone, it's so pretty. And soft." Is Dexter gay? The way he was acting sure as hell brought that thought into my mind. "You need to clear your mind, you need to sort out your feelings, you need to know what you want. This is something very rare and you need to take advantage of it. Most of us really aren't that lucky."

   Maybe Dexter was right. I needed to clear my head and find out what I want to do. Kristen was making the effort in trying to make us work, but could there really be an us with all my damn problems? Maybe, but I neeeded to find out. Yes, I understand I have a certain pull to him, and I did think it would be a good idea to get to know him, but how can I really be so sure that I could dedicate myself to him?

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