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"Saetur, what a wonderful morning it is. I wish the night would never have ended, but it is a new day, a new begining for the both of us. Is it not, my love".


"Saetur my love, are you not awake. Did i hurt you too much yesterday night."


Turning around he found no one on the bed beside him. The blankets were bundled in a mass and pushed to the side as if in a hurry to get up. He put his hand out and touched the bed where his lover had been. It was cold. She had left in the night. As soon as he had given her his gift.

He was truly hurt. He had given her his heart, body and soul. She had been the one. His other half.

Flashes of beautiful memories came before his eyes. Her smile, her touch, her promises. Staring at the white bed sheet, he noticed a wet spot. He touched it. It was fresh. He touched his face and was surprised. He was crying.

Quickly wiping off the tears from his face he got up from the bed and looked around. Her clothes were gone too. It was as if she was never there to begin with.

He dressed quickly and walked out of his bed chamber and made his way to his study. She had left him. How could she. She said she had loved him. They had been happy. His mind raced with questions.

Was it lie? Did she ever truly love him? She was the one to approach him. Did she always have an ulterior motive? Do i even know who she really is?

He threw open his study door. His minster, the second in command stood with a jolt. "Sire, what is the matter? You look so forlon. Where is Milady, Sire. I thought you were to spend the day with her today".

"Kál, sit down. She is not here. She has taken the gift and gone. I was but a fool to be so enraptured by her beauty. She tricked me Kál. She destroyed my honour. How am i to face my people now...".

"Sire, calm down. We'll find her. We'll take the gift back. When we find her she will be punished for this grave trickery."

"No ready the horses. I leave tonight. I will avenge her betrayal. I wil not return till i find her. Till then take care of the guild, Kál. I will not rest until the Seed of Fertility is back in my hands." He briskly turned towards door.

"Yes, King Arachneal. Your wish is my command". Kál turned around to leave.


Arachneal influenced the shadows to conceal him. He made his way through the palace window and into a large room. The room was lit up by the moon.

Arachneal made his way to the crib in the centre of the room. Two baby boys were sound asleep oblivious to the intruder.

A year. I should have known. She was never chaste. She had another. I wasn't even hers to begin with.

The babies stirred in their slumber. Arachneal looked down at them with distaste.

Sons of betrayal.

Arachneal removed his glove. And placed his hand on the both the babies' chest. They were so small. He could kill them in their sleep. Innocent creatures not knowing their impending doom.

Arachneal began to chant an incantation he had never wanted to use. First in his tounge and then in theirs.

"Coeur lundánđa burach.
Pergolas arbour ferach.
Fleáur maleït enaid
Rhoi'r goraui, aros kelaid"

"Taken was a gift and a heart
Left broken and torn apart.
Born of a cruel betrayal, her sons
Unto thee the same be done.
A curse worse than death
Than feeling last escaping breath.
A souless creature be awoken
When his heart be shattered and broken.
Trapped alone in this doomed cage
Be completed on his coming of age."

The babies stirred in their sleep and one opened his eyes. The baby's green eyes grew large and pained and his chest began to glow a brilliant red as if something new was being formed in him. A single tear ran down his face. The glow subsised after a moment. And then the baby feel back asleep.

"Sel beauálain! Was that the light of creation. Nom noel! But for the spell to work the boy had to have a heart. If it is not there then where is it."

Arachneal knew only one could answer his question and made his way to the king and queen's bed chamber. Saetur was the queen of such a lowly man. A human, called himself a king based only on wealth. Not on his merit.

He walked up to the sleeping King and placed his obsidian sword at his throat. The king stirred and let out a girlish squeal, much to Arachneal's amusement.

The Queen stirred.

"Rupert what happ...., Arachneal. Please do not harm my husband. Hear me out first, i beg you".

She put her face in her hands and began to sob frantically. Arachneal lowered his sword and whispered into the king's ear, "Cysgeil". The king fell back into a deep slumber.

Arachneal made his way towards the queen's side saying "I wanted revenge on you. You broke my heart and now i have done the same to your sons. But a very intriguing thing caught my eye.The son with green eyes had no heart and now because of my curse he has one. But the question is where is his real heart. Speak wench. Let me hear your explanation."

" You want an explanation from me. After what you have done. You fool, you prolonged that boy's death. The Raven...Master will be so....." and she started sobbing again.

"The Raven, as in The Dark Shade"

"Yes him, The Dark Sire. He wants to use the boy. I do not know how or why. He is yours and my son. I am Queen Saetur of the Dark Guild. The Raven found me. Forgive me my love. I was compelled to lie to you.  I was forced to leave you. I.....I....wa..." she said and suddenly became silent. Her head went limp and her eyes rolled back into head. Smoke rose from her body, curl aroubd her in a dark mist and she shook violently.

"Saetur, Saetur can you hear me. Saetur...." Arachneal said shaking her limp body.

Eyes as red as blood looked at him and in a shrill voice like of a screeching bird the woman in front of him spoke, " I am not Saetur. She is no longer in this body. I am the Raven. The Dark Sire. The Black Shade. I want that boy, your son. He is a vital pawn for my game. A game of destruction. You have prolonged his death by that pitiful curse, White King. For that you will suffer. You will be forgotten by all. Your Kingdom will never recognise you. And you will be forever alone. Now sleep, my late King. Your period of reign as the White Mage King is over.

Cysgeil, and heed my warning. Do not interfere again."

Arachneal's world then feel into darkness.

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