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Recently I've taken the task of rereading Homestuck, and through that adventure I've discovered myself feeling a lot more fondness for a certain Lalonde going by the first name Rose.

I'm not really sure what it is about her -- considering our personalities are barely alike, but -- I think that she's... interesting. I've actually been drawing her nonstop since I started reading again. 

Of course I love the other kids too, but there's something especially endearing about Rose.

I've actually been reconsidering my feelings on Kanaya too, ironic, I know. I think that she's a lot funnier than I originally found her to be, though, I wouldn't say that she's my favorite troll girl, I'd say that this time around I'm probably going to be paying a lot more attention to her. 

...That sounds a little bit bad, doesn't it? I guess it implies I wasn't paying attention in the first place, but to be perfectly honest, who does pay attention on their first read of Homestuck? I didn't retain anything from my first read -- Now that was a long time ago.

Even though this read has been quite the adventure, I can't help but feel the slightest hint of melancholy at reliving my past. There won't be another update for two months yet, and even then, that final update may be the last. It's kind of hard to believe. I've been caught up on Homestuck for almost three years now, and after all that its time is finally... fleeting.

Well, hopefully the last update will be a good one. I'm still looking forward to the ending, no matter how many tears are shed during the grand viewing.

That's enough for this entry, I might write another one later today, I mean -- this isn't even a legit writing, this is more like me shoving fancy words into a gray text box and pretending that a journal is a legitimate writing excercise. (No offense btw, I mean a legitimate writing excercise for me, I could talk about my life all day, it's really no challenge.)

Anyways, Fox out. 

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