Little Angel

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        I jumped when one of the guards slammed the door shut behind me. I thought of a few inappropriate names I could call him, but only air came out of my mouth. As the sun began to set, I had to lie down on the almost too small bed, and let my mind wonder. I must have been a lot sleepier than I had thought. I didn't even realize I was slowly slipping away. I was awoken by what sounded like a tree crashing through the roof. I threw myself up and rolled off my bed onto the floor. I look up to something that would have given an old lady a heart attack.

        It was him! The same beautiful faced man that had scared the crap out of me the night before was standing on my bed. He still had that same astonished look on his face, yet this time it was mixed with pleasure. "I didn’t know you could see me, mortal.” his voice was like pure silk, “I’ve never been seen by a mortal. So, clearly, you’re not a mortal! What are you? Are you a demon?” My mouth was spitting out words before my mind could make it stop.

        "Who...who are you?” I stuttered, “What do you want from me?".

        A strange look flashed across his face for only a moment. He raised his eyes to mine, and just for a second I felt as if I somehow knew him. "Not much, really." he shrugged, “Just some answers are all I need.". He jumped down from my bed with graceful ease, and landing flat on his feet. For a minute he just stared at me without making a sound. "Okay, first question.” he spoke, startling me, “How is it exactly that you can see me?"

        To that, truthfully, I had no answer. I just looked up at him and spoke my mind. "I really have no idea. I don't know why I can see you while other people can't." I said quietly, hoping my neighboring rooms couldn't hear me. Anger flashed up on his face, even though it wasn't blocking out his beauty. He threw his hand up and fear gripped my spine. In his raised hand, he still held the same knife I watched him kill that poor woman-thing with. “Well, if you don't want to tell me the truth, I guess I'll rip it out of you!” he yelled as he yanked his hand down at me.

        I guess out of a natural reflex I threw my hands up to protect my face as if it would save me. Then there was nothing; no pain, no dying sensation, no loss of breath, and worse of all no sound. I opened my eyes to see a fear-stricken man slumped over with his hands on his head, and he was just staring at me. I followed his gaze and the same fear that had a hold on him almost made me double over. He was looking at my hands which had at some point in time started to...glow? Wait, no, even turned out they were on fire!

        A glowing, fear igniting, yet very beauty black fire was bursting from my once normal hands. I shuffled along the floor slamming my hand down try to put out the fire coming out of my palms. “WHAT DID YOU DO ME?” I screamed in pure terror. Tears filled my eyes and I began to let them fall down my cheeks. Normally I wouldn't cry in front of a cute guy, but right now couldn't care less! Before I notice the man was up from the bed and coming right at me."Please, you need to calm down if you want it to stop. I feel so stupid, how could I have not recognized one of my own?” he said holding his forehead. He took my hands into his, which were very large, and began to rub the back of them.

        “Breathe, just breathe." he repeated, “Everything is going to be okay." My mind felt like it was collapsing, and I thought I was having a mental breakdown. Maybe I belonged in this horrible place after all. One thought slapped me right in my face. Oh, my god, what if the guards heard me again? What if they come down the hall and find me like glowing hands and all? Well, then I wouldn't be known as the crazy, lying lunatic of the institution. My breathing hadn't slowed, and the flames from my palms began to grow brighter. The man grabbed my shoulders and drove my face into his chest. He smelled like a giant oak tree in the middle of a forest. His warmth rushed over me and I could feel myself melting into him. Then, my fears came true as if the universe was messing with me. I heard movement in the hallway.

        "Oh, no, the guards are coming!” I whispered. "What do I do?” His head jerked up to the door, and he placed his index finger on his mouth as to tell me to stay quite. He lifted his hand to the door and waved it from top to the bottom. I saw the guards had finally reached my door and opened the slot to shine his light through it.

        "This one’s still out and looking peaceful", he whispered to his partner, “Poor girl. I'm glad she's sleeping.” They stood there for a moment, and then the guard’s partner walked farther down the hall. “Are we done now?” One of the guards whispered, “I know they said we had to check on her, but this place creeps me out.” They went past Rose's room, and turned around to walk back to the record room. “Yeah, everything is clear”, the guard whispered, “Let’s go back to the watch room”.

        Once I knew they were gone I finally let out the breath I had been holding in. "How did they not see me?” I asked, “or… my hands?"

        He didn't answer me right away like I wished he would have done. I guess he wasn't sure if the guards were actually gone or not. "I hazed their site.” he finally spoke in an unsure tone. He slowly lowered himself back down to me, and a smile came across his face. "See, you're okay now.” he said blissfully. I looked down at my hands and the fire had vanished from them. "How did you do that?” I asked in true astonishment. His eyes grew bright as they meet my dark greens. "It wasn't me." he said with a smile. “It was you!"

        I stared down at my hand and wondered, for the first time tonight: what am I? Even more important who and what was this man that I just let hold me? I straightened up my body and forced myself to stand. "So, what's your name?” I asked weakly. “What are you? What are we?” He looked very confused by my words as if I was speaking a different language. He started walking toward me and sat down on my bed then motioned for me to sit next to him.

        "My name is Michael," he tried to explain, “And we…are what some might call…God’s soldiers.” I couldn't help myself from laughing at his words. I laughed so hard I almost fell back into the floor. Irritation filled his face, and it rose to the tops of his cheeks. "This is nothing to laugh about!” he yelled like he was my dad. His comment shut me up quickly.

        "You got the wrong girl, buddy!” I said, standing to my feet. "I'm definitely no angel.”

        He stood to face me, and put his hand on my shoulder. "I know it's a lot to take in, but it's the true”, he tried to convince me, “Although I've never seen an angel as young as you use her powers so easily.” Out of the corner of my eyes I saw the sky start to brighten.

        "Crap! Its morning and I'm going to be running off maybe three hours of sleep." I complained.

        He removed his hand from my shoulder and rubbed it down my arm. Oh, how I wished he was a younger version of Lynn Colleens. See, I thought. definitely not an angel. He wrapped his hand around my elbow and pulled my arm closer to him. At first it was just warm, but then my hand felt like it had been dipped in acid. I tried to shake out of his grip, but he was too strong. Finally, after the pain stopped, he let me go and I swore under my breath. I looked down and a glow was dimming around his hand. Then I looked where he had grabbed me, and to my amazement my arm had been marked.

        It was black like a tattoo, but it had no feeling after like a new tattoo would. The pain I had felt was nothing compared to the beauty of the marking. It looked like a crystal dove being set free of an angel’s hands. “How did you do that, Michael?” I asked. At first he was silent as he looked out the window, and then he spoke to me. "I'll tell you more tomorrow. You should lay down now.” He said with haste. “My haze will be gone in a moment or two."

        I felt a little bit of sadness mixed with confusion when it came to him leaving. It must have shown on my face because he lifted his hand to my face and touched it. "I'll be back, little angel.” he said lowering his hand. I closed my eyes to hold back tears and when I opened them, Michael was gone. I walked to the window, I could see the sun rising, and I hadn't noticed tears were rolling down my cheeks. I rubbed my face to discard my falling tears. I sat back down on my bed trying to figure out why I was crying in the first place. I covered up my body with the hot wool cover, and sat there for about an hour.

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