Kai had a grin on his face. "Perfect timing" he taunted. Margo thought it was unnatural for him to say that. It made her feel uneasy. He should've been worried that people had came to ambush him, not fearless. What daunted her the most, was the fact that magic was oozing out of him, and that he might not know how to control it.

In a split second, Enzo and Kristi appeared at the scene backing up Kai. Margo watched as her friends approached the vampires for a fight. Her plan to save Damon-be it a last resort-was failing.

"Guys, stop! They're helping us. They're on our side!" she tried to yell over the hisses and growls. Elena and Stefan had already grabbed a hold of Enzo, restraining him and forcing him onto the ground.

Caroline was battling Kristi and losing, but managed to distract her long enough for Matt and Jeremy to shoot a bow from both the front and back of her.

"Margo, hold this right now." Kai ordered in a hustle while shoving the ascendant in Margo's direction. There was nobody guarding the two of them. Viola's neck had been snapped, Kristi had been shot and Enzo was pinned to the ground.

"Margo quick come with us!" Elena shouted through her struggle of holding a very stubborn Enzo to the ground.

Margo began searching for the words to explain to Elena that she and the rest of her friends needed to trust Margo - and to trust Kai, by allowing them to travel to the prison.

Though before she could utter an explanation, Caroline came charging right towards Kai. He released the ascendant, leaving it with Margo and immediately stomped his foot on the ground for his own protection. It sent out an invisible force around him, throwing everyone but Margo meters back. They lay groggy on the ground, groaning and in pain.

Kai directed his hand towards a dazed Stefan before reeling him in. Stefan couldn't resist Kai's spell. He was just forced down to his knees right before the warlock. Kai placed his fingers on either sides of Stefan's head, right on the temples. He chanted a spell that had Stefan yelling in distraught before blacking out laying motionless on the ground.

Kai straight away grabbed a hold of Margo and the ascendant within her hands. She heard her friends scream a faint no, that quickly faded into a taunting ring. Wind blew at them harshly, and a blinding white light took over their sight. Margo shut her eyes tight and waited for the wave of dread to pass by.

The wind came to a halt and the blazing light faded. She opened her eyes to see the light of day. Margo took a moment to wrap her head around the trip she'd just made into another dimension. She noticed she was in the exact spot she was in while doing the spell, right outside the house. But it looked different. She also noticed that Kai was still holding her, and she was holding him.

Margo pushed him away with an enormous amount of strength that sent the boy stumbling backwards.

"What'd you knock Stefan out for!"

"It was part of the plan." he said with a calm voice. "I made Bonnie contact your friends to come attack on the blood moon so I could see Stefan for a while."

"You're lying. Bonnie would never risk our friends safety for something like this."

"I put a spell on her."

Margo wondered if there was ever a time where Kai hadn't forced anyone into doing things. Every action she has seen him do has solely been for his need. And again, every nerve in her body longed to punch his face.

"Don't be so tense. I needed to see Stefan so we could get here, okay. I had to know exactly when Damon was to do the spell that got us here. And to do the spell, I needed to know Damon's worst action."

She understood why Kai did what he did, but she did not agree with his method. He could've met with Stefan a thousand different ways but Margo figured it was merely for Kai's amusement.

"When are we then?"

"1962. It's a funny story actually."

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