How Do I Enter The AJC?

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Well, first you write your story.

Rules and restrictions:

1.) Your book has to be a short story. No more than ten chapters. It may be less if you'd like.

2.) Must have proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.**

3.) Must be written between now [February 10th] and March 29th, 2015.

4.) You may not copy anyone's works nor ideas.

5.) Be creative! Be spontaneous! Have fun!

How to enter:

After you complete your story, in the title, add the tag--
'#AJC '


When writing, if the character speaks with dialect, be sure to add the [ ' ] mark.

For example:
"'We're just hangin' around,' I spoke into the phone."

Be sure to punctuate properly as well. [ ?, ! ] always go inside the question marks.

Don't forget the basics-- capitalizing. The title should be, characters names, places, and other proper nouns must be capitalized.

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