Chapter 1: The Flower

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It's the middle of the night and its a full moon. Fuchsia was walking in the woods when she saw a flower. It glowed a bright pinkish-purple. She had seen a bright piece if moon come out of the sky and saw it land here. She picked the beautiful flower and she felt something. The flower was melting into her skin. "Whats happenong to me?!" She was tingling all over and then it stopped. Everything around her just stopped moving and she saw a bright light. Out of the clouds fell a necklace , it had a red sparkling heart charm on it. Then a voice bellowed down from the clouds, "Never take off this necklace, it will protect you." So she just did that.

A/N: hey guys thanks for reading this chapter of the story! More chapters coming out soon! Ill talk to you later my little cubs! Bye!!!!

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