Chapter 22 the arrangements

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Mike turned to his sister, Abby, knelt down and looked at her, smiling

"Look, whatever happens, I'll be here for you always." He said truthfully, smiling, "a brother will never leave his sister behind. Never" he added.

He hugged her protectively before standing up and walking over to the others causally.

"so..." he started saying, looking over to Jennifer, who gazed back at him, smiling cheerfully, "what do we do?"

Jennifer took a sheet of paper out of her bag, along with a pencil, and lay it on the table in front of them smiling.

"Well I was thinking of something like this" she said pointing to the drawing on the paper and its various steps, "but I'm open to any and all other ideas" she added joyfully.

They all looked at her idea. Each line was carefully dictated with a line of speech beside it, giving more information about her plan. It was a lot like a map, a map of the vents to be precise, and all the other good and or sneaky places to be in.

"Where exactly did you find a map of the vents to copy this from?" Fritz asked curiously.

"That doesn't matter right now" Jennifer replied, "so what do you think of it?"

"Quite risky, very risky" the puppet muttered over and over, reading the words carefully. He looked at them the looked away quickly, a frown forming on his face.

Jennifer looked at him.

"Puppet?" She asked worriedly, thinking he might disapprove what she though and turn it down.

The puppet turned to face her and knelt down to her height.

"I'm not having you dying" he said, "not in this world"

Jennifer looked closely at his face, the purple stripes on his face and the red cheeks, brighter in colour, radiant. If Jennifer wasn't mistaken, she'd say he was sad, upset even.

"You're not from here" he whispered to her quietly, "you don't deserve to die here."

His face turned to hers again, looking into her eyes.

"But what do you think?" Jennifer asked, partly fearing his reply.

The puppet sighed before answering the question.

"I-it's too dangerous..." he replied, looking down at the ground. He then lifted his head and looked at Jennifer's.

"But," he started saying, smiling, "we can alter it so that the chance of anyone's death is unlikely"

Jennifer looked at the others. They all nodded in agreement.

"So we all start tomorrow?" Jennifer asked, shouting.

They all nodded again, smiling. Jennifer smiled then walked over to James.

"Night?" She whispered.

James nodded, putting a hand on her shoulder and walking out the door.

Tomorrow was going to be a good day. The day where everything in this world of horror changed.

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