Part 1:the begining

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Help! Help! Help! She scram until her voice turned into the tiniest
Of squall. She was in the torchere chamber where the king and queen of fertilum had kept her since she was born. She knew no other thing besides pure darkness and pain. She does not know why they took her there in the first place, she did not think of herself as a very important person. Yet so important to the king and queen. The only thing that she possessed was a pendant from her mother and a very strange bobby pin that printed T.B.R., she did not know what this stood for but something special about it made want to keep it. When she was alone she always talks to her imaginary friends (nala) and (nurime) those where her mother's and father's name but she did not know that, she thought that she had just come up with the name. She did not. The next day when she woke up was the same thing as yesterday.... Starving, all she had to eat was bread and grapes that the castles sourcerer would bring her on the down low. The next day when she woke up she had just had enough of the "life" she was living so she decided to break out. How? She did not know but she would escape even if it was the last thing she did. She tried breaking the bars it did not work. She tried climbing the walls it did not work. She gave up, and wished she was outside and then touched her pendant. She fell asleep after she touched the pendant she woke up on a grassy platform outside she could not believe it. "How was it possible? How did I do it?" She thought to herself. It was the pendant from her mother who transported her outside. She stood from the ground and viewed the world in front of her. She was finally free she was finally able to run, to cry, to laugh. She started crying as she ran away far from the castle and the whole village. When she was tired of running she found herself in the woods, she was so out of breath. She lay on the ground thinking that she should of escaped sooner. She took a small nap and then awoke by a gallop of a horse. She searched for the horse and when she found the horse there was a handsome young man with rags as clothes. He was once held as hostage too, and he also had the same initial T.B.R on his belt. He also did not know what that stood for. They shook hands and a burst of light shined from their hands. "what was that?" He murmured. The light beam made a passage way for them, but they where not sure if they should follow it. It took many hours but they decided to go along the path. It took two whole days on horse to reach the end of the path. At the end of the path it said " T.B.R ( the black rose)". In front of them where four black roses, each one had something carved into the stem one said "sister" another said "brother" and the other two said "mother and father". Alicia picked up the rose that said sister and Eric ( the young man on the horse) picked up the one that said brother. Once they both had a rose in there hand they were transported to a world names intendur, a place for children that were part of the black rose family. Where they brother and sister? Did they have an actual family? Who knows?

If you liked this first chapter of my story then make sure to tune in for part two: this is where we belong.

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