Return from Hell Part 2

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Kabuto's fist was deflected by a kick from Kick Hopper as the green Rider proceeded to push his opponent back with a flurry of non-stop kicks. Kabuto deflected them, eventually countering with a back kick of his own, but Kick Hopper skillfully matched it with a side kick, holding Kabuto's foot up as they pressed against each other. The two said nothing as they jumped back. They looked up at each other and ran at each other once more, Kabuto thrusting forward with a punch and Kick Hopper with a skipping fast kick; Kabuto felt the blow and fell back, holding his chest.

"Why..." Kagami said to himself as he fell to his knees, watching the battle before him unfold. "Why are you fighting, Yaguruma-san..." At first, he had almost reached to Yaguruma, but is fighting the only way to end his suffering? He clenched his fists; he had become a Rider to defeat the Worms. Wasn't that the reason there were Riders in the first place? It wasn't a source of power, it was the power to protect. He stood up and glared at them with a determined face, raising his hand. The humming of the Gatack Zecter filled the air as it flew down into his hand, but neither Kabuto nor Kick Hopper heard the humming. "HENSHIN!!" Kagami yelled and slid the Gatack Zecter on his belt, transforming into his Masked Form, and then immediately pulled the mandibles to the other side, Casting Off his masked form. CHANGE STAG BEETLE! went the Zecter as Gatack looked up at the two fighting Riders.

Kabuto slid back and caught himself on the concrete of the docks, now looking up at Kick Hopper, who slowly stood up straight. He placed his right thumb over the Kabuto Zecter and pressed the top buttons in a ONE - TWO - THREE sequence and pushed the Zecter Horn to its default side. "Rider Kick," Kabuto said and pulled the horn once more, sending tachyon energy flowing through his body and into his right foot. RIDER KICK!

Kick Hopper, meanwhile, pulled the leg of his Hopper Zecter and muttered, "Rider Jump," as he jumped high into the air with the left leg and pushed down the legs of the Hopper Zecter. "Rider Kick!" he roared and flew down toward Kabuto with his left leg extended, tachyon energy flowing through it.

Gatack charged towards the two as they prepared their finishers, running madly toward the center. Why? Why was he running? What would this accomplish? Just as he ran into and stopped at the middle, Kabuto launched his Rider Kick as Kick Hopper's own flew down towards Gatack. "STOP!!"


Orihime ran to the battlefield near Aoyama Cemetary. She gasped at the site she saw as Kizoku walked toward her slowly. He had a wide grin on his face, the grin of satisfaction and victory. He had defeated Atlas, even killed him. "Do me a favor, deary," he said smugly, "and pick up the trash for me." He signaled his group of troops to move out, and they did. Orihime fell to her knees, shocked by what she is looking at. Toushi was lying there, lifeless, unmoving, dead.

"Narcissist-kun..." she muttered, crawling to him. She placed her hand on his chest and began to lean on it. "If you's my will I ever tell her...that her brother's dead..."

As she sobbed silently, the belt began to react. The cracks disappeared as it reattached with the other broken pieces. A surge of tachyon energy flowed through Toushi's body. Slowly, his eyes opened, and his head rose to find Orihime on his chest. "...Get off of me," he coldly said to her, startling the girl.


"I have a name," he muttered and rubbed the back of his head, now sitting up. The belt was completely repaired, and the Atlas Zecter was unharmed. He let out a sigh and stood up, brushing the grass and dirt off of him. "That damned narcissist..." he grumbled as he looked out at the fallen tomb stones. Orihime gave him the "you-should-talk" look. As Toushi slowly walked to the tomb stones, one of the names caught his eyes. They grew sad as he put it upright and stepping back from the stone.

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