Chapter 19

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"Well?" Carly asked frantically, she needed answers. Danny had tears in his eyes, he was about to break down. "It's gonna be okay." He soothed, his voice cracking, sorrow filled his voice. "What's wrong?" She asked concerned. "She's in NICU. It's not looking good." He told her honestly, Carly's heart sank to the ground. She completely broke down. "What?!" She sobbed. "Her lungs aren't fully developed." He stared crying. "Oh god." Reba whispered. "Mama don't say that." Carly cried. "What?" Reba asks looking at her daughter confused. "Oh god. That means she's not going to be okay." Carly answered. "Carly, I'm just worried."Reba explained. "Me too mama, but we have to stay positive." She said. "I am." Reba replied. "Danny." Carly said,he was immediately be her side. "Yea?" He asked. "We're not going to lose her right?" She asked scared of his answer . "I can't answer for sure." He said, Carly opened her arms for a hug. He hugged her and rubbed her back as she sat beside him."We can't lose her." She cried. "I know, I know." He soothed. "Please God keep my baby with me." She cried. "He has a plan for everything." Reba told them. "His plan better include keeping her alive." She sassed. "Only He knows." Reba replied. "We'll make it." Danny whispered in Carly's ear as he kissed her head, she nodded.

"I'll give you two some time alone." Reba said. "No mama stay." Carly begged. "You sure?" Reba asked. "Positive." She said, Reba nodded and sat back down, Carly just cried. "Shhh." Danny ran his hands through her hair. "She going to be okay Carly." Danny said. Carly nodded her head and sniffled.

The doctor came back in."Any news?" Danny asked. "We are doing the best we can." Doctor Nichols said. "What's wrong?" Reba asked. "Her lungs are not fully developed yet." She said. "She'll be okay though,right?" Carly questioned. "we're not sure yet, but we're doing everything we can." The doctor told them. "Can I see her?" She asked. "Not yet." She answered. "Carly, you just had a baby, you can't be up and around." Reba told her. "I want to see my daughter." She said. "It'll be a little while." The doctor replied, Carly cried. "It'll be okay, if she's like you and Reba she will make it." Danny said. "We can't lose her." She cried. "We won't." He told Carly. "Can we pray please?"Carly asked. "Of course." Reba said. "Can you lead it mama?" She asked. "Of course,let me go get Narvel and Garett." She replied "Okay." Carly said. Reba walked out the door and returned with Narvel and Garett."Let's start." Reba began."Dear heavenly father, we ask you to keep Lizzie alive and healthy." She said. "We pray that she breaths on her own and grows up to be heathy, strong, and beautiful." She continued. "In gods name we pray. Amen" she finished. "Thanks." Carly sniffled."Your welcome baby." She said. "Hi Carly." Garett whispered. "Hi buddy." She said. "How ya doin?" Narvel asked sitting beside her. "I can't lose her daddy." She told him. "You won't." He kissed her head. "She is strong like you." Garrett said. "Thanks." She grinned as she snuggled into Narvel. "I haven't even seen her yet." She said. "She's tiny." Danny told her. "Oh." She replied. "But she's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, besides you." He said. "Thanks babe." She smiled. "Welcome." He grinned. "Awe you okay Car?" Garett asked. "Yea buddy." She said."Love you." He said. "You too." She replied. "Danny did you take a pic of her?" She asked. "No, but I can." He said."Can you please." She said. "Sure!" He told her. Danny left the room and Garett go on the bed with Carly.

"Lylah's here." He said, almost as if he was trying to believe it"What do you mean?" She asked. "If she's born, where is she?" He asked, apparently no one told him."I don't know." She said. "What happened to her?" He asked."Garett, I think that we should let Carly rest." Narvel said, trying to change the subject."She is just in a different room." Reba said. Danny came back into the room."How is she?" Carly asked. "She have her on a breathing machine." He answered. "Oh." She said. "She's got a good chance." He told her."Show me a picture please." She said. He scrolled to the picture and handed Carly his phone. "She's so little." She gasped. "She's beautiful." Reba cooed. "She is gorgeous." Carly said in amazement.

"Hi guys..." Danny's parents said walking slowly into the room, Carly tensed up. "Mom?" Danny said surprised. "Hi Danny." She replied. He hugged her tightly and shook his dad's hand. "Hi Carly." His mom said. "Hi." Carly said quietly, shocked that she actually spoke to her. "Where's the baby?" She asked. "She's in NICU." Carly told her sadly. "What happened." She asked concerned. "She was born too early, her lungs weren't fully developed." Danny answered. "Oh my gosh." She said. "I think she'll pull through." Reba said. "She's strong like her mama." She added, Carly smiled and looked up at Danny.

The doctor came back into the room."Is everything alright?" Carly asked alarmed. "She is getting stonger." Doctor Nichols announced. "That fast?" Danny asked shocked. "The machine is making her stronger, it's giving her a break from struggling." she told them. Carly nodded her head and once again asked "Can I see her?" "Soon." She answered. "When can we take her home?" Carly quizzed."In a week."she said,Carly nodded her head and looked down at her lap."She is a beautiful little girl." She says. "Thank you." Carly replied. "Your welcome." She said. The doctor left."I can't just lay here." Carly said frustrated. "I know it's hard baby, but you have too." Reba said. "Why?"she whined."You just had a baby an hour ago." Reba replied, Carly sighed in frustration and groaned. "Carly, I'm so sorry about what I said to you before." Danny's mom said. Carly nodded her head with her eyes closed.

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