Chapter One

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Jake was going up the elevator for a hotel in London. He had been exhausted after a long day of sightseeing and meeting friends with Jack.

The elevator stopped halfway to his floor. Elcie entered.

All of Jake's problems had faded.

He looked into her beautiful eyes, having a definite erection.

"It's been so long since I've seen you," Jake said.

Elcie smiled and hugged him. He wanted her for himself.

"I thought you were coming tomorrow for a visit," Jake continued.

Elcie had looked into his eyes and said,"I couldn't wait to see you."

The elevator stopped at his floor. They walked to his room.

"You wanna come in?" Jake asked.

Elcie stared at the door knob and nodded. They went inside. Jake had made some tea for them as they chatted.

"I'm glad you finally came here," she said in her soft, British accent.

Jake loved everything about her. Her flawless skin, her eyes, her voice. He couldn't stand not being with her for so long.

"Do you-erm..." Jake started to ponder about his question.

Elcie waited for his answer.

"Do you want to catch up on lost time?" Jake asked nervously with a slight smirk.

Elcie blushed, along with her eyes widening. Jake knew he had blown his relationship.

Elcie smiled and pushed him over to the bed. They started with lip to lip action as they began to undress.

Once they were done, their reproductive systems created friction. It was only an hour of moaning and groaning until they wanted more action.

Jake had shoved his dick into Elcie's mouth, and she began to suck. Her mouth was filled with a sticky, white liquid. As hard as she tried to swallow, she couldn't. She choked and coughed out the cum.

After a while, they grew tired and sleepy. Jake and Elcie both collapsed on the bed, drifting off into deep sleep.

Hey guys, this was my first story made, hope you all liked it. Maybe help me out by leaving a few suggestions?

This is dedicated to two of my friends. Heh, I hope I don't get punched for publishing this.

I write pretty fast and generate ideas even faster. Expect to see more! -Jack

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