After reading  the letters from the others, and when you started to read Louis letter for you...

Louis Letter:

“Hi (y/n)? How are you today? I’m planning to join X-factor... Is it ok for you to if I join this type of contest? I’m a little bit nervous and you're not here to make to help me to build up my confident... I'm afraid... what if they’ll reject me or something... [etc.]”

Next Letter:

“Hi (y/n)... It seems your getting busy there? How’s your life, do you study well? Hope I can see you soon... I’ve been missing you already especially no one was there for me to cheer me up when I was on auditioning. Luckily they accept me... but I’ve a problem with my parents, every night they won’t stop arguing in each other. Oh well... Maybe I’ll stop here... see yah?”

Next Letter:

“Hi? I hope I’m not disturbing you... But mom and dad are no more ‘married’... they got separated when I was on my booth camp on the X-factor but I got also exiled as a solo artist but Luckily get back with my fellow band mates. I’m with Harry, Niall, Zayn and Liam, and I hope you’ll meet them too (because they’re awesome I tell you)...and named our band ‘One Direction’ its Harry’s idea... [etc.]”

Next Letter:

“Hey? I’ve been sending you letters already but no reply... Ok then it’s alright I know how busy you are there, and me too... We didn’t make it to finals, but we are starting already our career I’m glad that we have fans out here who still love and support us... by the way we’re making our new music video “What Makes You Beautiful” hope you’ll watch it... [etc.]”

Last Letter:

“Merry Christmas in advance (y/n)...  well this is the 4th time that you’re not be here on my birthday... It’s ok... Hope you’ll be safe there and have fun... By the way I’ve send you a gift... Ha ha ha... I know it’s our first album... but hope you’ll like it... I’ve been missing you already (y/n)? Take care...”

and Louis write his contact number for you to saved it and contact him.

          You started to cry after reading his letters for you “Poor Louis, Sorry for not being with you when you’re in a big problem? I’ll promise after I've finished my studies here I’ll go straight home right away...”

*Flashback – When you 2 are still kids, [Elementary days] you saw Louis was been bullied by the kids and you protect him, [High school days] you saw Louis was happy to be with Elly in prom... He’s mad at you... then he came in to your room and say sorry... named you teddy bear ‘Boobear’*

        “I can’t stop thinking about him... I’m trying to forget my feelings for him but I do still love him... maybe this is the right time to say him what I feel? Or maybe not? Should I call him? *sighs* Oh well go for it...” you said and dial his number and call

*Louis phone is ringing*

Louis: “Hello? Louis Tomlinson here?”

You: “H-hello? Hello Lou?” *surprised*

Louis: “Hi? Who is this?”

You: “It’s me, (y/n)? Hi!” *tear drops*

Louis: “(y/n)! You’ve called me?! I-I was surprise?! That you called me? WOW! Hi?! Long time, no talk or whatever is this? I miss you?” *Very Happy*

          While on the phone Louis band mates noticed him very happy

“Hey? Lou? Who is it? Is she your girl?” Harry tells a joke and you heard it on the phone

You: “Lou? You’re with somebody? Who was that?”

Louis: “Oh? It’s Harry? You want to talk to them? They’re here with me celebrating my birthday...”

and he gave the phone to Harry “Don’t make fun of her? OK?! She’s (y/n)! She’s my long childhood and a Best friend of mine... and I respect her that much” as he introduced you to them

Harry: “Hi? I’m Harry! Your Louis here was been a good friend of ours here...”

You: “Oh? I see? Hi Harry? Thanks for accepting him that much”

then Harry pass the phone to Zayn,

Zayn: “Vas happenin? A surprised call from Louis’s special friend here? Hello I’m Zayn Malik? Nice to talk with you?”

You: “Awwe... thanks you’re sweet? Hi Zayn?”

then gave it to Niall,

Niall: “Halo? This Niall! You’re (y/n)? Lou said that you’re his childhood friend? When can we see you?”

You: “Oh? Hi Naill? Ahm... I’ll be coming home after I graduate here... and Yes! Lou and I are childhood friends...”

then pas it to Liam and he takes the phone,

Liam: “Hello miss? This is Liam Payne... I’m proud that you become Louis friend since you were little kids... Because he’s a very nice person, and loves to give advice to the other person... Maybe He can be one of your inspiration right now?”

You: “Ah? Yah... naturally his my Best Friend he’ll always be a part of my life after the times that we spent together when I was there... just promise me take good care of him... Thanks.”

Liam: “No problem...”

and gave it back to Louis,

Louis: “Hi? I think you should let go now ‘coz it’s getting late already there?”

You: “Oh yeah? But wait.. Happy Birthday! Sorry for not being there and didn’t send you back letters... Ok good night?!”

Louis: “Yeah.. you too.. Good night Sweet dreams!”

*ends the call*


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