-Josh's POV-

I'm currently sitting beside her bed, holding her hand tightly. Hoping this is all a deam as I try to wake myself from it. I look back and forth between her and her heart monitor with my blurry vision. I've been like this for the past hour.

The cast, which consists of Liam, Woody, Liz, Willow, Jena, Sam, Natalie, Julianne and Stef burst in.

"Josh, what's wrong?" Liam asks as he walks over. I look over to him as he walks over, he must see her heart monitor and her chest not rising because tears start filling his eyes. "Jen.." he mumbles. "How long ago?"

"Around an hour," I mumble back. All of a sudden I break down. "I watched her die Liam. I saw the life in her eyes leave. I didn't do anything about it, she could still be here if I called the doctors."

"Josh, she said not to keep her alive more than she could. She knew she'd never get better, she was getting weaker and weaker everyday. The cancer just got too strong for her to fight. She's in a better place now where she's not hurting or suffering."

"She was my best friend." I sob, my bottom lip quivering.

"She wasn't just your best friend Josh, you two would flirt like crazy. We all saw it."

"She didn't." I protest.

"You were both as bad as each other." Woody chuckles."Jenny you're an amazing actor. You definatly deserve that Oscar." he says mimiking me.

"Oh Joshy don't be silly. You're an amazing actor too, you deserve an Oscar for being an amazing Peeta" Liz says, mimiking Jen.

I look down at my lap as I blush bright red. "See, my point proven" Liam chuckles.

I sigh. "Fine, we did flirt a bit-"

"More like twenty-four seven" Woody buts in.

"Shut up Woody" I say. He laughs. "Okay, I guess I had a small crush on her.."

"Pfft yeah right" I hear. I look to see Connor. Great. "Figured you'd be here" he smirks. Here we go. "You had the biggest crush on that girl in the entire world" I feel my face heat up. "Jen's so perfect, her smile, her voice, the way she walks, her body, everything about her is perfect" Connor mimiks.

"Shut up Connor"

"What?" He says.

"She's dead. That's what" I snap, standing and walking out of the room, after deciding I need air and space from everyone.

I sit on one of the benches outside, my head in my hands as they rest on my knees. I hear footstaps come closer before they speak. "Josh?" I look up to see Jennifer's parents and brothers.

"Oh hey" I mumble, wiping my eyes. "I thought you would have been here sooner?"

"What do you mean?" her father questions.

"They didn't ring you?" I ask they shake their heads. "She's uhh passed" I manage to choke out. "The rest of the cast is in there now"

"How come you're out here?"

"Uhh well they were all talking about me and Jennifer, then Connor walked in and I couldn't take it so came out here for some air" I shrug.

-Liam's POV-

"She's dead. That's what" Josh snaps, raising from his seat and walking out.

I look over to Connor who's face has gone pale. "Shit" he mumbles. "She meant so much to him, she was his world without her knowing. I'm so stupid.."

"You didn't know Connor" Willow says, placing a hand in his hunched up shoulder.

"I should have seen the little signs when I walked in. Like her chest not raising, her heart monitor, Josh crying his eyes out. I should have known"

We hear the door creak open, we see Jennifer's parents and brothers. They smile sadly at us. "Quite surprised there's so paparazzi outside" her mother says, slightly chuckling as she tries to rug everyone's mood up.

We all smile a little before exiting, letting them have a moment on their own.

We walk outside, everything is quiet except the odd car driving around the car park in the hospital. We look around and Josh is nowhere to be seen. He's probably gone to get food or something.

-Josh's POV-

Some things never leave you. Whether it's memories or the real world. I'll never forgive myself for letting her die, I could have saved her but I just say there, looking at her as the life left her blue eyes.

How am I meant to live with myself, knowing I technically killed my best friend?

If "Happy Ever After" did exist,
I would still be holding you like this
All those fairy tales are full of shit
One more fucking love song, I'll be sick.

-Liam's POV-

None of us are coping well with Jen's death, especially Josh. I think it's finally sunk into us that she isn't here anymore because we all broke down.

I'm watching TV with the others, we all decided to stay over mine for the night. The news comes on. Great, here we go.

"Jennifer Lawrence has peacefully died today at the age of twenty-four. Movie Actress was diagnosed with Lung Cancer early last year. With her last film coming out six months from now it's fair to say we'll all miss her dearly when seeing one of the last films she acted in."

All you can hear is quiet sobs around the room, blocking out the TV. After we've calmed down we continue to watch.

"Later today Josh Hutcherson was suspected missing after leaving the hospital from seeing his co-star. A group of four girls found his body in the woods not long ago, we suspect he couldn't deal with his co-star and best friend; Jennifer Lawrence's death. Both families are in our thoughts on this sad day."

A picture comes up on the screen of them both together, writing followed.

Jennifer Shrader Lawrence
Loved daughter, sister, friend and actress
August 15th 1990 - May 8th 2015

Joshua Ryan Hutcherson
Loved son, brother, friend and actor
October 12th 1992 - May 8th 2015


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