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*Chapter 2*

It's finally lunch time and Aki pulled me out of the classroom with our lunchboxes in our hands. "Heyyy~ Ladies, wait up!" Takahara ran after us. "Let's eat lunch together. We're a team, aren't we?" Aki groaned and crossed her arms. "Kivi and I are eating lunch together. Alone! Don't follow us!" I laughed at her response. "It's fine, Aki. Takahara is right, we're finally a team so we should at least have lunch together." 

Aki's jaw dropped a little. "B-but, Kivi! Takahara is such an annoying clown!" She whispered harshly into my ear as Takahara did his one-man happy cheer. 

"Oh, c'mon Aki. We, three, are going to be sticking together from now on wards. We might as well start getting use to it now." I reasoned with her as I poked her arm annoyingly. She slapped my hand away and gave me an annoyed look but as always, she can't hide her smile. "Fine. You're right!" Aki pulled up her imaginary sleeves. "Let's do this! But if Takahara tried anything funny, he is sooo dead!" She stomped over to Takahara. I made my way to their direction till a particular red hair boy caught my attention. 


He was sitting at the school bench all by himself. He stared at his lunchbox, silently thanking for the food before tugging into one of the octopus hot-dog. "Kiviii~Hurry up!" Aki called out for me. Sasori looked up and saw me looking at him again. 

I really need to stop doing that.

I opened my mouth, wanting to say something to him but he immediately went back to his lunch, his face covered by his blood red hair. I took that as a sign to move on and joined my friends. 

As soon as we settled down at the bench, we started digging into our lunches. Takahara was admiring our lunchboxes and kept asking for trades. Aki picked up an omelette roll and passed it to Takahara, "Here. No need to trade! Since we'll be together as a team from now on, take this as an alliance." Takahara grinned from ear to ear. "Yes!" He took the omelette roll and munched on it like it's the tastiest thing he has ever eaten.

"By the way, Kivi," Aki started as I passed one of my riceballs to the cheerful Takahara. "You've been staring at Sasori a lot today. What gives?" Her tone sounded different at the mention of Sasori. I almost choked on my riceball and Takahara quickly passed me a cup of water. I silently thanked him but I can tell from his eyes that his cheerful side had subsided at the mention of Sasori too.

Deep inside me, I felt annoyed and disappointed at the both of them. I fumbled with my cup to think of an answer but Aki was ahead of me. "Our parents told us to stay away from him, Kivi. He is clearly an unwanted child." 

"I heard that he was staring at Mikan from class 2-A when her parents came to fetch her." Takahara added.

"I heard the same thing from Ichigo too! Sasori was staring at him like he could kill someone!" Aki added.

As I listened to them talked about Sasori, I had the urged to throw my lunchbox at them. Sasori was not unwanted, he just doesn't have the choice.

"I heard that his grandmother don't even want to spend her time with him." Takahara and Aki mocked.

I looked at them as if I don't know them anymore. People can be so scary and so quick to betray each other, saying scary things like that. 

"What if...Sasori just wanted someone to talk to?" I murmured. Aki and Takahara looked at me as if I have three heads. "Kivi, why are you siding him?" She paused before slowly saying out her assumption. "Do him?!" 

I, myself, was just as surprised as Aki and Takahara. 

Do I like him?

I don't know and I don't even know what love is. But just thinking about Sasori made my heart raced a little. I quickly shook my head and smiled sheepishly, "I just think he is such a poor thing." Takahara laughed, his cheerful clown character back in action while Aki sighed with relief.

I picked up my lunchbox. "I need to go to the toilet. You guys take your time." I waved at them before leaving.

To tell the truth, I don't need the toilet. I just wanted to cool my head. What Aki had said left me thinking about how I feel for Sasori. Every time when he looked at me, I felt like he was trying to tell me something like how I wanted to tell him something. His lonely expressions kept encouraging me to be his pillar of support. To be his friend or maybe something more.

Maybe I need to see him again to know the answer myself.

I have to see him.

I need to see him!

My legs picked up paced as I searched for Sasori, hoping that he was still at the same bench.

And he was. 

He just finished eating his lunch as he got off the bench. He turned his back to me and my legs automatically ran after him.

My hand reached out for one of his sleeves and he turned to face me, almost surprised. My mind cleared from all the uncertainties and finally, I was thinking straight. Before I knew what I was actually doing, it was too late. He looked at me with his usual facial expression and I looked up at him, trying to think of something to say. 

"Do you need something?" His voice matches his expression. Cold and lonely. 

"I-I..." A gust of wind blew across our faces and his red hair flowed together with the wind. My heart started racing again and this time, for sure, I knew my answer. 

"Do you want to get something to drink together?" I smiled genuinely at him. "Sasori."

I know my answer more than a parent know his/her child. I like Sasori and I just wanted to stay next to him as much as I can.


Hello, readers! Hope everyone is enjoying the story so far! Personally, I'm super excited about this story so much, I could write forever! Anyway, some of you might find that the character jumping into love too suddenly and a little too young to be but isn't that how anime goes as well? XD Hahas! 

Also! This story has nothing to do with Naruto Shippuden. I just loveeee Sasori a lot! ^^


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