Suicide attempt

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I'm sitting on my bed with tear filled eyes regretting every decision I've ever made. I crave to have some alcohol at my side and a cigarette in my hand. My thoughts are clogged of everything except the razor in my dresser drawer. I'm screaming I'm sorry to no one and everyone at the same time. My heart is beating faster and my breathes are getting shorter. The silent tears turn into loud gasps and sobbing eyes. The pain inside my soul grows as fast as a fire about to take down a burning house. I'm wondering why I fell in love with someone I knew would break my heart. I'm thinking about everything that has came to an end. Im overwhelmed with the good memories of which I know will never happen again and the bad memories that haunt me like things I wish I had never said. I'm wishing for this all to end. I want to sleep and never wake up. I'm no longer thinking straight. I run for the pills in the bathroom cabinet. It's 3am and everything's about to go wrong.

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