For some reason my body seems to feel heavy and sluggish. I can't seem to get my body to cooperate with my mind. I started to panic until I felt a kick letting me know my son was ok (don't remember if I gave a sex or not). I was relieved that whatever happened to me didn't affect my pup. It was short lived though.

"Good the slut finally woke up."

Please goddess no as if hearing my plea out stepped non other than the devil himself, Bradley.

"What did you do to me"

I asked in a small shaky voice as the drugs were still in my system. And that's when it hit me, he drugged me.

"You drugged me, you bastard"

My voice was stronger than before which is a good thing. He just looked at me and shrugged like he didn't just drug his Queen and future king.

"Don't look as though you didn't have that coming. You are my mate but you been whoring up with someone else."

My mouth was practically on the floor by the time he finished his little 'speech'. He has completely lost his mind.

"You're crazy."

I said but all he did was smile and  it truly scared me. He has this crazed look in his eyes and I can tell he is going to hurt me. Even thought I am concerned for my wellbeing I'm terrified that I might not be able to protect my pup. As if hearing my thoughts his eyes dropped to my stomach and turned completely black. I have powers but don't know if I can use them.

"Now it's time to kill that little bastard that you dared tried to bring in this world."

I know he can smell my fear but I do not care all I care about right now is my pup.

"I will not let you take him"

Laughing he stepped towards me and without thinking I was able to build like an invisible force field around myself. When did I learn this I don't know but I'm not complaining. I mean I know I can throw people without touching them and take their wolf but this is new. Once crazy got close enough he tried to touch me and was pushed away with so much force that you could hear the wall crack from the impact.

"What the fuck was that Cassandra?"

I could smell the fear coming off him but he didn't let it shows. Instead he got to his feet but stayed on the other side of the room. When he looked at me I could see so much hatred in his eyes that it made me want to flinch away.

"You may have won for now but you can't hold it forever."

With that said he left the room. I thought that I was safe for the time being but I was wrong. No more than half an hour later he came back with a rouge and let him in with me.

"Have fun with your new roomies bitch"

He said as he walked away laughing. Goddess please give me the strength to keep this up. If only I could remember how I jumped from my room to the nursery a few months ago. Was it me or was it my pup because I'm starting to think it's the latter of the two. All I can do is wait for my mate and pray that he is not able to get through my shield.

Dom save us.

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