Blame It On The Alcohol

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"Alcohol? That's, er, illegal, know that. Isn't Rhodes on the junior police force? I'm sure he's not fond of-"
"What do you have to be afraid of, Banner, it's just some liquid to quench your deep thirst." Tony winked almost suggestively at the other boy.
"This is...this is peer pressure and I'm not gonna-"
"You worry too much. Intoxication will fix that." Tony grinned as he poured and created a hefty concoction for his friend. The same drink he had made for himself several times home alone when he wanted to get severely wasted. He sauntered back over to Bruce and handed him a glass, "Drink. Relax."
"This really isn't a good idea..."
"You never know until you try, Banner Boy, take a little risk."

|| Back by popular demand. This is VERY short but it's prepping for what about to happen next and I'm 99.999% sure you'll be totally pleased with the next installment. Xx

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