~Alex's P.O.V.~

"You know I suck at Mario Kart though!" I exclaimed.
"That's why we should play it" Anthony said, smirking.

I put the finger up at him and smiled. Pip jumped off my lap and Anthony and I walked out the door. We walked over to my house and went to the living room. I plugged in the Wii U so we could play Mario Kart. I picked Yoshi and he picked Mario.

"Ready to lose?" Anthony asked, smirking.
"Yeah" I said, starting to laugh.

He laughed too. Then we started playing. I was really surprised. I was beating Anthony in the first race.

"What the fuck?" Anthony said. "You lied."
"What? No I didn't. I'm not good. But don't suck on purpose" I said.
"I'm actually trying!" Anthony exclaimed.

Second race, I beat him again.

"Okay, I'm done with this shit. I'm beating you this time" Anthony said.
"Aw, stop being a sore loser" I said, smirking.
"Stop being a sore winner" he said, smiling.

Third race, Anthony beat me.

"There I go! Why couldn't I win the other times?" Anthony asked himself.
"Because you suck" I answered for him.

He pushed my head, almost messing me up in the fourth race. We were both in the front. We were both going back and forth. I would be in first and then he would be in first. Last lap. Anthony was in first. I didn't want him to win. Then a blue shell hit him. I drove past him and won.

"What the fuck?" Anthony said.

I got up and stood on the couch.

"I won! Ha! You thought I was going to lose! But I didn't!" I cheered.

Anthony grabbed my legs and made me fall on the couch. I screamed but starting laughing. We started play fighting like we did that day I scared him. He kept trying to pin me down but I kept pushing him away. I couldn't stop laughing. Then he finally pinned me down.

"Well now we know who won this" Anthony said.

I laughed. But something was different this time. Anthony let go of my wrists but when I sat up, I went to lean in, to kiss Anthony. Anthony leaned in too. Our faces were an inch apart where I could feel his breath on my face but then, Annie walked in.

"Hey guys" she said, not paying attention to us.

Anthony jumped away from me and I sat up. Annie looked over at me. She knew something was up. She just chose not to ask.

"How was lunch?" she asked.
"Pretty good" I said.

I looked over at Anthony. He looked at me and then turned to Annie. We both felt awkward.

"Yeah, you have to watch it. Ian says something that you might kill him for later" Anthony said to her.

I started to laugh.

"Oh god. Speaking of him, where is he?" she asked us.
"At Wes's, getting the video edited" Anthony responded. "Well, I'll see you girls later."

He got up and pushed my head.

"I'll beat you next time at Mario Kart" Anthony said, smiling.
"Keep dreaming" I said, smiling back.

Then he said bye and left. Annie looked at me.

"What?" I asked her.
"We need to talk" she said.
"About?" I asked.
"What the hell did I walk into?" she asked me.

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