Chapter 14: Call Me Later

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Chapter 14: Call Me Later

<John’s POV>

You wake up in Dave’s arms. They are warm and you feel safe and loved. You never felt so loved before this week. You feel that he actually cares. One of his hands is in your hair, slightly touching your forehead. He told you how beautiful your hair is a lot of time, and he often plays with it. Another hand is on your chest, his palm right on your heart. He felt you moving and woke up. He kissed your forehead, and you put your hand on his pushing it closer to your heart so you would feel it beating. You wanted this second to last forever, you don’t want to ever stop holding his hand, when you are with him it feels like you are actually home.

He puts his second arm on your chest and pulls you closer, while lightly blowing with warm air on your neck. You laid your head on his lap while looking in his eyes. He bent down and kissed you. 

It was a week since he came and you were very happy. You sit down and face Dave. He smiles at you:

“You are my sunshine”

“I love you”

You both stand up and do your morning routine. When you finish showering, you go out to the hall, with a towel around your waist. You hear some singing from the kitchen. This can’t be your dad, because he is at work, so it is Dave. You go to the living room and check him out from the point where you can see him, but not vice versa. He is wearing only boxers and you can see his perfect body, with those abs, V-bones and leg muscles. He takes a look in the living room and smirks when sees you blushing. 

“Uhh.. sorry.. I didn’t mean to stare at you just like that.. uh””

“Omg, John it’s OKAY.”

“You are really… hot.”

He puts his hands around your waist, pulling you closer and making your bodies touch. He puts his hands at the lower part of your back, slight pushing down the towel, to the point where he can slightly touch the area it was covering. You kiss him on the neck, and you just stand there like that for few seconds, feeling each other’s skin get warmer. Dave decided not to continue so he said:

“Put on something, or actually if you don’t want to just don’t and come here I made some coffee and there are some muffins your dad baked.”

You pull on some boxers that were just laying on the floor for some reason, and walk to the kitchen. Dave was sitting at one side of the table, and the plate with a blueberry muffin and a cup of cappuccino was set across from his. It had a heart made with chocolate powder on it. You smile and sit there, looking at Dave:

“So what are we doing today?"


“I don’t know, you can choose.”

“Let’s talk to Rose and Jade, we haven’t chatted with them in a while, and then decide?”

“Sure, babe”

You lightly blushed when he called you “babe”. You are still not  used to that after all the years of being just a “bro” but you like it. 

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