Return from Hell

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Aki's eyes widened as she stood still, her cell phone on her ear. "Orihime-chan is..." she muttered in disbelief.

"Right," the Captain said at the other line. "Because of the loss of both the Rider Belt and the Atlas Extender, both of which were her responsibility, Orihime was suspended from any action until further notice."

Toushi watched his sister from the corner of the living room slump onto the wall. "Then...who is..."

"Her replacement in the meantime will be arriving shortly. Get here now."

The Captain hung up, leaving Aki with the dial tone. After a couple of beeps, she turned to see Toushi staring at her. "I-I'm leaving for the studio," she nervously said and put on her shoes, leaving the house.

Toushi crossed his arms and leaned on the wall. "Nee-san's acting weirder than usual," he said to himself. "Usually, she doesn't leave without me cooking breakfast...must be an emergency at the studio." He looked at the clock; it was only 7:32. He had an hour before he should leave for work at the Bistro La Salle. Somehow, he felt like something was going to happen today. Something...dangerous. Then again, he is a Kamen Rider now, but the feeling was different. It felt like that today, he'd meet someone out of his league.


Aki arrived at the OMNI-ZECT Headquarters in the Marunouchi district, being greeted by the Captain. "I can't believe Orihime is no longer with us," she sighed, feeling that the atmosphere is empty and boring without the girl. "Who's going to make my tea?!"

"Tea shouldn't be concerned when you have business, Tendou Aki," said a voice at the entrance to OMNI-ZECT Headquarters. A blonde-haired male with a nasty glare looked at the two. He was wearing a ZECT Spider mark on his clothing. He walked up to Aki and the Captain, eyeing them left and right. "You're the one with the evolved Worm theory, right?" he asked Aki and smirked. "I honestly believe that's a load of bull. Worms aren't capable of that because I've never let a Worm escape." Aki grew annoyed of this man's attitude and was about to say something, only to be stopped by the Captain.

"Aki-san, this is Kodomo Kizoku, one of OMNI-ZECT's elite soldiers," introduced the Captain as he walked to Kizoku's side. "He's one of our four main Riders, including Orihime. Until Orihime's suspension is lifted, he will be working with us from now on. I hope you two will get along." Kizoku then extended his hand with a fake smiled, and Aki begrudgingly accepted it.

"Perfect! We'll be best friends!" Kizoku joked and slipped on his sweater, putting on his hood. "Now you two get crackin' on how to help me, even though I don't exactly need it. I'm gonna eat breakfast!" Then he left, leaving behind the Captain and Aki.

Aki growled and lifted her middle finger at the boy, placing her other hand onto her arm. "That jerk!" she roared as she and the Captain walked inside. "Who does he think we are, his personal maids? Orihime-chan never gave me this much trouble on her first day, and we all got along fine! Seriously, what the hell?!"

"I understand your sentiments, Aki-san," sighed the Captain as the two entered an elevator. "But bear with it for now. One way or another, Orihime-san will return to us."


In 2008, Tendou was standing in front of the tofu shop with Kagami next to him. The two were very silent, Tendou mostly making conversation with the jolly shop owner. "T-Tendou?" Kagami started, but Tendou didn't say anything, walking off with a bowl of tofu in his hand. Kagami saw he was getting left behind, and he started to run after him. "H-Hey, I know you're upset about the and Hiyori think, but-"

"I was never upset," Tendou replied, now finally talking to him. "However, I did say that I will make you pay if you ever break her heart." Hiyori was a sister to him as Jyuka was. He cared for them both, even though he didn't show it very well. " was the first time I've ever seen her smile like that. It puts me at ease to know someone was taking care of her while I have been gone."

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