Thank god for the common white girl.

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You pulled in to Mcdonalds drive thu and your mum turned the music down. You felt pretty bad, but you didnt know how much you was showing it until your mum looked at you through the rear-veiw mirror and frowned. "you okay?" she asked. you faked a smile or her "sure mum, dont worry" Your could tell she didnt buy and you thanked god she had to turn her attention off you and onto ordering the food.

"Can i take your order please?" the machine called out, your mum jumped and swore. "oh yeah, um please can i have two medium fries, 2 medium cokes, 1 small fanta, one double cheeseburger and one chicken mayo" your mum huffed, releived she remebered everything. She payed and then you ate in the car and set off. Your mum only got a fanta because she was driving but she promised she would eat later.


You pulled up outside starbucks and you said your goodbyes to your mum. "Bye hunnie, now dont forget you need to get into the stadium safely dont rush! Your auntie is expecting you to be in around eleven, im going to take your overnight bags there now, so if it gets to half past she will be phoning you. If you need me or anything im only a call away. Love you see you later, see you jen!" she said as she climbed out of the car with your bags.

You walked into starbucks with Jenna and insted of ordering her usual white chocolate mocha she ordered a triple chocolate hot chocolate and you ordered the same. You sat down at a table and Jenna took this time to take selfies and check all of her social media. You was biting your lip and fiddling with your hands. Jenna sighed "whats up now?"

"nothing" you tried, of course jenna saw through your lies, she was supposed to be your bestfriend after all. "Stop lying to me catt! when are you going to tell the truth listen i know your belly will be in knots but you need to make the best of tonight!" You smiled and Jenna went back to scrolling her instagram. Thankgod she knew you so well. You both drank your starbucks and set off walking to the stadium.

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