Chapter 2 Break up

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" I can't believe he hit me" Justin said as we pulled into my drive way. I saw my car was here which meant they were here.
" Me either" I replied unlocking the house door.
" It just pissed me off" he replied.
" I know. and he was wrong for that" I replied.
" That's it that's all your gonna say is ' he was wrong for that' really sky" Justin asked.
" Yeah" I replied looking at him.
" Sky he fucking punched me. he's an ass whole" Justin screamed standing up.
" Justin don't call my brother that. I get he punched you. he was really wrong for that. but what you going to do. here let me give you a kiss to make it better."I replied walking over to him wrapping my arms around his neck.
" Get off me" he shouted pushing me off him making me fall to the ground leaving loud thump.
" What the hells going on down here" Matt asked from the top of the stairs.
" Nothing Matt go away" I shouted.
" We're done" Justin shouted walking to the door.
" No Justin please I love you" I shouted grabbing his arm.
" Get off me skank" Justin shouted.
" No babe please" I screamed.
" we're done peace out" Justin screamed pushing me off him and me falling to the ground again. he walked out the door. I sat on the ground starting to crying.
" Sky are you okay" Matt asked running over to me.
" No as you can see I just been broken up with the my dumbass" I shouted.
" What's going on down here" jack shouted walking downstairs." oh my god sky."
" Justin broke up with me and pushed me on the ground twice."I replied crying.
" I'm gonna go beat the shit out of him" Matt shouted.
" No I'm going to you stay here with sky I want to kill him real bad" jack replied.
" Okay. sky come on let's get you to bed and ill bring you something to eat." Matt replied picking me up and carrying me onto my bed than laying me down.
" Matt will you lay down with me" I asked.
" I thought you were hungry" he asked.
" I am just text him to get me Taco Bell. please Matt I don't want to be alone right now" I asked looking at him.
" Okay move over" he replied getting the bed.
" Thank you" I replied as he was texting jack. he sat his phone down and played with my hair while i searched channels and I found a movie I like step it up 2 then next is 3&4.
" Your hairs so soft" Matt said playing with it.
" Thanks" I replied
" Your welcome" he replied.
In the middle of the movie I fell asleep in Matt's arms and he fell asleep right after me.
" Wtf" jack shouted waking me and Matt up. "Please tell me you didn't."
" No" i shouted.
" Explain?" jack yelled.
"you sister didn't want to be alone so I just laid with her and fell asleep. nothing happened." Matt assured jack.
"Thank god or I would have to kill you." jack replied.
" Where's my food" I asked standing up.
" Downstairs" jack replied.
" Food" I yelled grabbing their hands pulling them downstairs. " Omg thank you I was so hungry."
Knock knock.
" Hay sky" Carly said
" Hay sky" Kate said walking in.
" Hay guys. want to go swimming." I asked walking up stairs.
" Sure, but we got the texts are you okay." Kate asked.
" Yeah just trying to keep busy" I replied.
" That's good lets swim" they yelled walking down stairs.
" Okay hold on let me tell jack were going to swim in the inside pool." I replied walking into the kitchen." hay guys were gonna go swim if you want to come."
" Okay we will in 10 minutes let us change and call mike to come over okay" jack replied.
" Okay see ya" I replied walking out.
" Girl Matt has a crush on you" Carly yelled while jumping into the pool.
" What no way" I replied getting in.
" Yeah you should of seen his face when we walked into the kitchen his eyes went wide and his jaw drooped." Kate replied.
" What" I asked shocked at what they said.
"Watch him when they come swim with us" Carly replied.
" Okay, I'm gonna go tan for a little bit than come swim again so yeah." I replied getting out of the pool.
" Party's here" mike yelled jumping in the pool. " Wooh who's the hot chick?"
" Dude that's sky. don't get any ideas." Jack thing I now in being lifted.
" No" I yelled throwing my sun glasses off." Matt don't please"
" To late" he yelled jumping in with me in his arms.
" Matt why would you do that" I yelled.
" Because you looked like you needed to cool off" Matt replied pulling me to him.
" So" I replied.
" Sky" mike yelled.
" What"
" Come here" he yelled I swam to him.
" What"
" Can I have a kiss" he asked pulling me to him grabbing my but.
" Hell no" I replied pulling away starting to swim away. he pulled my leg.
" Hay dude hands off my baby sister" jack yelled.
" But Matt gets to" he yelled pointing over to Matt holding me and making me laugh.
" There's nothing sexual about what there doing but I saw you touch her butt and ask her. hands off mike" jack replied.
" Fine" he replied.
" Hay guys lets play chicken" I yelled.
" Okay pick your teams" Carly yelled.
" I call sky" Matt, Kate and mike yelled." no I call sky. No I call sky."
" Hello I'm gonna pick my teammate." I yelled all 3 turned and looked at me.
" Who's your teammate" they asked.
" Um..... Matt" I replied.
" Yes haha" he shouted.
" Kate it's only cause I want to fight against you." I told her.
" Fine" she said.
" Come Matt let's fight Kate" I said jumping on Matt's back.
" Ready set go" .we yelled. I was using all my might to push Kate off finally she fell off. I cheered and jumped off Matt and gave him a hug. We changed and I ran down stairs and jumped on the couch.
" Ow"he yelled.
" I'm so sorry matt" I said.
" Here I'll give you a kiss on the cheek." I replied I kissed his cheek.
" Thank you" Matt replied.
" Oh he gets a kiss that's fair" mike yelled sitting down on other couch.
" I hurt him so yeah" I replied.
" Okay okay let's watch the movie now" Carly said putting it in.
" What's the movie called" I asked.
" PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4" Kate replied.
" That movies scary" I replied.
" Don't worry just sit by me ill take care of you if you get scared" Matt replied hugging me.
" Thanks" I replied I felt my phone vibrate in my bra.
" Are you serious you keep your phone in your bra" Matt whispered.
" Yes now shut up" I replied settling back into his chest.

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