Chapter 1

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" Hey girl" Carly shouted running up to me.
" Hurry up we have to get to school." I replied.
" Okay okay" she replied." so how's your hot boyfriend?"
" Can you guys not us that word about my sisters 20 year old boyfriend while we're back here" my brother jack shouted looking at us.
" Fine but she is right. and he's good. he's actually picking me up after school for a date" I replied.
" Ooh can I get a ride" Carly asked.
" Oh please you just want to gawk over his hotness" I replied.
" True that he's hot as hell" she shouted.
" Well hands off he's mine girly." I replied.
" Can you just share" she asked.
" Oh hell no I ain't sharing he's all mine" I replied.
" One question is he good in bed" Carly shouted.
" Wooh hold up you slept with him"jack asked?
" Thanks Carly I'm gonna be in trouble now. and if he is I'm not telling you." I replied slapping her arm. all while my brothers best friend Matt was laughing." shut up Matt your annoying."
" So did you.Emily don't lie to me" jack yelled.
" Yes" I replied getting out of the car and dusting off my cheer leading uniform.
" What he's so dead Matt we have a boyfriend to kill. how many times" jack asked?
" Um 5" I replied.
" Okay we get to kill him with 5 times the pain" jack replied.
" No please don't. Matt talk him out of it" I replied.
" Sorry my hands are tied" Matt replied.
" Pleeeeeease Matt" I begged grabbing his arm.
" No" he snapped.
" Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaasee" I whined.
" Fine"
" Thank you" I screamed hugging him.
" Omg sky" my other friend Kate yelled running up to me pulling me into a hug.
" Hay Kate" I replied.
" So how was your weekend did you spend it with mr. hotty" Kate asked while we walked down the hall.
" Maybe" I replied opening my locker.
" Which means you did" jack said stopping next to me.
" Matt remember talk him out of it." I replied turning around.
" Will do." he replied.

The day went by fast I found my self in the packing lot making out against his car.
" Hay dude I can't believe you fucked my baby sister" jack shouted pushing me off him and punching him in the stomach.
"Jack get off him" I shouted pushing jack.
" Sky he's a prick" jack shouted getting ready to punch him again but Matt stopped him.
" Matt you were supposed to calm him down" I yelled.
" I did all I could" he replied.
" Come on babe lets go" I told Justin.
" You aren't going any where with him" jack shouted pulling me away from Justin.
" Your not my father" I yelled pushing him away. "I'm not a baby."
" Well your acting like one lets go" jack yelled.
" Ya I am going" I replied getting into Justin's car. " lets go babe."
" Sky" jack yelled watching us drive away.

Me and jack were walking out of the school and the first thing you saw was sky making out with her boyfriend Justin.
" Jack" I said.
" That son of a bitch" he replied walking towards them." hay dude I can't believe you fucked my baby sister." jack shouted pushing sky away from him and punching Justin in the stomach. I would of down more like a punch in the face and kick in the down area.
" Jack get off him" sky yelled pushing jack off Justin.
" Sky he's a prick" jack yelled getting ready to punch Justin again but I stopped him. I hated to see sky upset I could tell she is upset.
" Matt you were supposed to calm him down" sky yelled.
" I did all I could." I replied.
" Come on babe lets go" sky told Justin.
" You aren't going anywhere with him" jack yelled pulling sky away from Justin.
" Your not my father" sky yelled pushing jack away." I'm not a baby."
" Well your acting like one. lets go." jack yelled.
" Yeah I am going" sky replied eying into Justin's car."lets go babe."
" Sky" jack yelled watching ten drive away. I was shocked I never seen sky act like this before. it hurt when she yelled at me. I kind of have a secret crush on her for 5 years but never said anything cause jack would kill me.
" We're going to my house" jack yelled walking to sky's car the jack was gonna drive home.
" Okay" I replied.

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