"Eleanor." A voice cooed at me through the darkness. My mind was in the state between sleep and awake and it seemed to be slipping back to the sleeping side.

A violent shake tore my mind away from that place and yanked me into conciusness.

A groan left my mouth as my eyes shot open and blurred shapes began to dance in front of them. After a moment of fuzziness the shapes formed together into Lux's face.

She was standing over me, her hand on my shoulder.

"Are you awake?" She asked.

"Mhm." I nodded tiredly.

"Good, because it's time to get ready. It's your first day." She smiled meekly.

I groaned again and she gave me an aplogetic glance before taking my hand and pulling me up out of the bed.

"Now go brush your hair and teeth while I get your clothes." She prodded me along and I stumbled my way across the expanse of a room to the bathroom.

Remembering where the hair brush was from last night I ran it through my hair and then brushed my teeth.

I walked back out into the room and made my way towards the closet where Lux was laying out clothes on a blue circular chair in the middle of closet.

I approached the chair, glancing at what she had selected. I noticed black jeans like yesterday and a white tank top with thin straps. Next to that was a light blue and white checkered long sleeved shirt.

We didn't say anything as I began to change. Lux went over to the vanity in the closet and began to pull out a comb and some different bottles.

I pulled the blue and white shirt over my tank top and yanked on the boots I had worn yesterday.

After I was dressed I joined Lux at the vanity where I sat down on the stool as she did my hair the same way as she had done the previous day.

Once the little braid was pinned into place she spritzed me with a rose scented perfume.

"Okay, Shay should be outside now waiting." Lux said as I stood up from the plush stool.

"Thank you." I said to her as I left the room and reluctanly made my way to the hallway.

Just as Lux had said, Shay was leaning against the wall next to the door when I entered the hall.

"Good morning." He greeted sternly.

I nodded back at him.

Shay pushed himself off the wall and began to stride down the hallway. I followed suit, my arms folded tightly over my stomach.

"Are you giving me the silent treatment now?" Shay's voice said a little less stony.

I shurgged.

Honestly I didnt know. Yesterday morning and the night before he had been so friendly to me. Serious still but friendly. Though it was like he flipped a switch at dinner. He was rude and quite scary.

Just like the King, Shay had become another person. It seemed to me as if everyone here had two sides to them and it was only a matter of time before I figured them all out.

"I've been here what- maybe three, four days, and I dont know who's fake and who's real." I said finally.

Shay said nothing next to me but nodded his head once.

"Eleanor I can assure you I am very real but you must understand that I had to do what I was ordered. Sometimes Eleanor, even when we dont agree with things, it's better to keep our mouths shut and carry on." His voice held onto the more peacful tone.

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