Chapter 6

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     After school Malia gave me a ride home while Lucy went with her boyfriend out to eat. I invited her in like a good friend would do. She sat on my bed on her phone texting someone. 

"Tiffany was so mad in art class today. I thought she would explode!!" Malia laughed.

      Most of her time here was spent making videos and her eating all the food in my fridge. It was kinda nice to hang out with some new people. These past few days I haven't really thought about Britney or what she's doing. I guess you could say im improving in my 'moving on' skills. It just shows how great of a person I am! Oh shit, I sound like Tiffany,Forget I said that. I ran downstairs too greet my mother who by the way bought food. Yummmm

       She came in and her and Malia talked for a little before we started putting up the groceries. I think my mom like Malia, they seem to get a long we'll I guess.

"Hunny Britney is spending the night today!" My mom said smiling happily 

     Malia and I looked at each other and groaned. This cannot be happening, I thought I'd never have to talk to her again. Britney is one of those people who manipulates you into doing whatever they want you to. I use to think that was pretty cool back in middle school but now I hate it. She always used her powers of beauty and smarts for the wrong things. That's probably why her and Tiffany are so alike. 


"I'll get it" Malia said sighing. She went to go answer the door and I glared at my mother.

 How could she invite her here. Britney lost all my trust the moment she went out with the guy she knew I liked. It's not like I out of nowhere liked him ether! I've liked him since sixth grade, she a whole bitch.  But that's not my business since she wanna be a little hoe.

     Britney entered the kitchen and sat her stuff on the floor. My mom gave her a hug and took her to show her where she's sleeping at. Malia started up melting chocolate on the stove, I got out the strawberries and cut the stem off. While we were cooking Britney came in the kitchen asking if we needed help. Of course I told her we could never need her and she should go watch movies or something. She nodded then turned on her heels. I know I'm being mean but she deserves it. There's no point of being mad anymore but I can't help it, she betrayed me. Malia and I brought the food out to the living room and set it up. Britney came and set out blankets and pillows on the floor by the tv.

"So are you staying Malia?" Britney smiled fakely. I would know I've spent years with her.

"Yeah I guess" she said nodding slowly. 

 We all sat down on the living room floor and watched Captain America civil war. By the time the movie was over malia was knocked out and britney and i were the only ones awake. I turned the movie off and layer on the couch. I guess Britney layer on the floor or something. I guess I zoned off, I don't remember after that.

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