Lure of Death

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Uta's P.O.V

He set down the glass of coffee on the shiny, marble countertop at Helter Skelter Bar with a little more unnecessary force than usual. The small "ching" resonated quietly in the otherwise noisy bar, where multicolored, pulsating lights flashed around in bright neon colors and upbeat Japanese pop music streamed loudly from the speakers above.

Nevertheless, the sound attracted the attention of the sexy bar owner and she turned to stare at him for a few moments. Swishing her wavy red hair aside, she walked up to him and placed both of her elbows on the shiny counter, slowly surveying the moody Uta while Yomo downs his coffee in silence.

"U-chan seemed gloomy today, yea?" she asked in a bright chirpy voice, the kind that matched the rest of her sassy profile. She was also unfortunately into cutesy nicknames.

She was always dressed scantily with cleavage-baring mini dress and fishnet stockings, today was no exception. Her beauty was famed throughout the underworld; which was handy especially when it comes to luring male human prey. After all, who could resist a beautiful and sexy women?

But Itori was not a women, not really, but a female ghoul who owns the Helter Skelter Bar and a longtime friend of Uta and Yomo Renji. She does more than bartending, however, she acts as an information trader of sorts and share her web of underworld informations through the bar, occasionally manipulating people to get the informations she wants.

Uta did not felt like humoring her today. There are more pressing matters in his mind that need to be adressed urgently. That, and the girl had not even called him since the day he left her. He was so busy doubling and tripling his precautions in his plans, being over-cautious as he is while appearing absolutely carefree and unconcerned. He hardly had a glimpse of her this days and he is getting increasingly sullen as the day passed.

After being ignored by Uta, Itori turned her attention to the stony face Yomo.

"How about you, Ren-chan? Are you feeling OK today?"

Yomo nodded his head and she continued" Have you heard from Gantai-kun lately? No? "

Yomo stared at her inquisitively while Uta inclined his head slightly, which he did often. It means that he heard and understood her, or that he heard and doesn't care enough to understand what she says, which is almost always. Though he never forgets what he hears as much as he likes to pretend to be a casual, uncaring observer.

"Kanekichi is causing headlines lately."

Uta was aware of that.

"But did you know about the rumor?"

"What is it, Itori?" asked Yomo.

She leaned in and whispered darkly for a dramatic effect." People are saying that he eats Yamori!"

Yomo swallowed his coffee and frowned," Are you sure? Last thing we know is Juuzou Suzuya that finished him off."

"Aahhhh, he was finished before then!"

There was a tense silence and Yomo shook his head. " Kaneki was a really mellow person... Can't imagine him doing that."

Itori waved a finger in his face and said," My information is always correct, Ren-chan! And they are calling him Gantai now, and it surely is our Gantai-kun!"

With that, she turned to serve another half-drunk customer, leaving Uta and Yomo to digest this new information.

"I really can't imagine it," says Yomo worriedly.

Uta sighed and said, "Kaneki-kun is a big boy. He can take care of himself."

But Uta is more worried than he is actually letting on. If this new information is true, his whole plan could be jeopardised. But there is no way he is calling of his marvellous plan, his pride would not allow it. But there is no way he could afford to be less cautious. In a way, he knew that it would work, partly because he knew how Kaneki's mind work. He always had a knack for guessing people's personality and attitude.

And he always win.


Akira's P.O.V

I squinted at my own dishevelled appearance at the small mirror in my small bathroom. My eyes were puffy from continuous crying, my whole face resembled a red bean bun. In fact, the size of my whole head seemed to swell. I grabbed a towel and shuffled into the shower, feeling the cold water course through my body and starts to scrub every inch of my body with soap, relieving myself from the horrors of heartbreak. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to squeeze his image out of my brain. Him, and everything else to do with him. Out, out, and out.

I hiccuped as I finished shower and towelled myself dry. The hiccup had stayed faithfully by my side for a few days due to my non-stop crying. Maybe I should quickly drink a cup of water. It seemed to do the trick everytime.

I draped my wet towel on the couch (yes, I am a slob this days. And I honestly don't care) and padded to the kitchen. The small apartment was silent other than the sound of running water from the tap. My home was so bare and lonely without him. As if he was a part of my home that my heart aches for.

I'm being so melodramatic. I laughed slightly to myself but ended up hiccuping awkwardly and laughed again. I felt bloody miserable.

Shaking all thoughts out of my head , I lifted the glass of water to my lips. Suddenly, there was a clinking sounds of chains coming from the door of my apartment.

My heart stopped.

Gripping the glass tightly, I called out, "Uta-san?"

There was no reply. Slowly, the sound of footsteps became clearer and nearer every second. My heart started to beat very fast, partly out of anticipation and fear. Should I arm myself to prepare for this intruder? The quiet masculine thread of footsteps was ringing in my ears. But the loudest sound of all was the beating of my own heart.

A tall dark figure appeared in the doorway of the kitchen, drawfing the cramped room with his height.

The glass slipped from my frozen fingers and landed on the floor with a crash, water splashing messily everywhere; my mouth opened wide to a silent scream of horror.

"Hello, ma cheríe."

Gantai: eyepatch


I decided to just pick up what I like from the original Tokyo Ghoul. I'll be honest to you, I did not really watch Tokyo Ghoul Anime and never read the manga before. 
Tokyo Ghoul is the first ever anime I've watched (and presumably the last)

So this story should felt just like a bit of déja vù without actually relating to the originals.

Well, what do you think of this chapter?? XD

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