Chapter 10

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"Dude look at Becky dont tell me you dont want to.."Robert said as her winked

" Robert no look i actually want a good relationship with her not just to use her" i said

"You know Jordan coming right and you know when he sees something he likes he wont sstop til he has her"

"shes mine and he wont take her away and you go and find some girl to make out with then lets see if you break your record" i laughed and he walked downstairs i walk towards Becky

"Hey babe you look beautiful i love the color of your dress"

"Thanks babe you look nice too"

I kiss her and then we go dance


"Hey alex" i said waving at him

"Hey Lily" he said as he looked at me

"I heard what happened and i know how guys arent really into talking about how they feel but i care about you and i dont want to see you sad"

"I do need someone to talk to and do you mind listening to me?"

"of course not i wont mind at all"

"Lets go outside" he said and he grabbed my hand and he walked to the stairs

After a while of him letting his feelings out he looked at me

"thanks for helping no one has ever cared about me as much as you do ever since 9th grade youve been by my side"

"theres always that one person that cares for you no matter"

He got closer and closer to me and soon we kissed It was amazing


"Hey babe im a little thirsty mind getting me some water?" Becky asked

" of course ill go get something for you quick"

I look back and i see Jordan arrive hes looking around and i See im look at Becky

There was a crowd of people blocking my way and i could get to Becky quick when i get passed the crowd i see Becky pushing of Jordan

"Get off of me!" she screamed

I walk up to him and punch him in the face

"Didnt you hear her shes mine you cant have her!"

He gets up and looks at me

"Sorry Austin i didnt know she was taken by you"

"either way if a girl tell you to leave her alone you leave her alone got it!"

He nods and walks away..

"Thank you babe" she said as she hugged me

"its my job to protect you babe" i kiss her on her forehead

After a while i see Robert with Lisa there making out in the middle of everyone

"Wow i guess she was serious" becky said she saw them too


" she said she was going to look for some fun with Robert"

"Ah Robert likes having fun" i said laughing

" lets just hope she dont end up pregnant" she said

" i think Roberts a smart guy and knows what to do"

We saw them going up the stairs

"Aye lisa dont end up with a baby" Becky said to Lisa

After that they left we look around I have to give AC his phone hes ben getting phone call non-stop

"maybe there outside" becky says

We slowly look out the door and lily and alex are in the backyard just laying in the grass talking how sweet..

"AC! heres your phone" i run up and give it to him

" i guess everyone's having fun" Becky says laughing

" are you?" i ask

" Yes as long as am with you"

"You want to dance?"

"Its too crowded in there"

"So where do you want to go?"

"Can we go some where quiet?'

"uhm theres only the rooms but i dont know"

"Sure lets go"


i grab her hand and we walk up to my room as we pass by the crowd everyone looks at us im guessing they were thinking wrong i would ever do that to Becky unless if she wanted to..

I open the door slowly i was scared at first i mean she was going to see my guitar and some posters that some girls sent me

As she walks in she looks around

"Wow.." she looks surprised

"Theres a lot of posters that say 'I love you Austin' why?" she asked still looking around

"i...i make videos on YouTube of me singing and i guess im getting a fans" i said nervously

"Thats so cute babe how do you call them you know like how justin calls his fans Beliebers"

"Uhmm i dont know Mahomies i like that but i dont know if they will"

"It sounds awesome babe im sure soon enough you will be known" she hugged me tight and didnt let go for a while

We sat in my bed she told me to sing for her

"babe that was amazing no wonder they love you"

"Thank you babe"

We then just layed in my bed talking about random stuff it was amazing having her close to me

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