I sat on my bed, looking down at the hardwood floor of my room. I felt my eyes well up with tears, but I knew I could't let them fall. Today just hasn't been my day. Everything was wrong. Everything was a mistake. Everything.

Brandi wasn't my favorite dog ever. She was annoying. She barked way too much. But, these were just the things to like about her. She was a dog and that's just what dogs do, right? Plus, Julie loved her. Like my first dog ever, Brandi was her everything that had to leave to be in a "better place."

The warm tears began rolling down my cheeks. I couldn't stop them from coming now. It was too late. Grabbing a pillow, I shoved my shoved my face into it. I quietly sobbed into it. I fell back on my bed, almost hitting my head on the wall behind me.

I cried for about five minutes before I heard my mom call my name from downstairs. I stood up, quickly making my way out of my room and down the stairs. I was going to be there when she needed me, even if I was mad at her. I stopped halfway down the steps. She was standing at the door. I slowly walked the rest of the way down.

I walked over to the door, standing next to Julie. The tall guy standing outside the door had a huge grin on his face that quickly faded when he saw me. He reached out, wipping away the few tears that were still rolling dow my face. My mother looked between us before disappearing further into the house.

"Why are you crying?" Ashton asked, pushing a peice of hair out of my face. Instead of answering, I took his hand in mine and pulled him into the house. I walked up the stairs and to my room while he trailed behind.

When we were both in the room, I gently shut the door. I sat on my bed and pulled my legs close to chest. Ashton stood awkwardly in front of the door. He looked at me, a small smile formed on his face. He sat on the bed next to me. The room was silent.

"What's going on?" he asked, breaking the silence. "Why is it so quiet? Where is Josh? Is he okay? Why is Julie crying? Oh, and why are you crying?" Crawling over to him, I put my hand over his mouth, cutting off his long list of question.

"Everything in fine." I smiled. He was so sweet. "Just a little loss in the house hold." Ashton began to speak, but knowing what he was going to ask, I answered it before he even asked it. "My father is fine. He has a job, you know? He gets busy on days like today."

"Then what did you lose?" He asked. He looked really concered. AWE!

"What do you not hear right now?" I asked him. We sat in silence for a moment, waiting to hear something that we never heard. After a while, he shrugged. "A dog bark. Woof, woof. She's dead. Gone. Bye, bye Brandi." I was trying to make a sad moment happy, but let's be honest, that just souded mean.

He made a sad face. He pulled me into a hug. I couldn't help but hug back. I couldn't help but bury my face into his chest. We sat in silence for a moment until I remembered what he came here for. I looked up at him.

"You know," I smiled. "You are really sweet." Ashton looked at me like I was crazy. I sat up and kissed his cheek. He gave me a confused look, but he just nodded. I couldn't help but laugh. I have no idea why.

"Are you okay?" He asked, putting his hand on forehead. "Are you sick? Do I need to leave because I don't want to get a disease."

I fell back on my bed. I couldn't help it. His consent asking of questions was hilarious. It's like he was worried about me, but no one has ever been worried about me so I actually have no idea what that was like.

When I was finished laughing, I held my hand up for him to help me up. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into a sitting position. I smiled at him for a minute before crawling closer to him.

"You know why I wanted you here?" I asked. He shook his head. "Well, you see. I've never kissed someone. I don't know. That is so weird, isn't it? So there is my explanation to that."

"It's not weird. Anyways, should I leave now that you told me this?" He asked and looked down at me.

I quickly shook my haed. "Absolutely not!" I gasped. "Don't leave me."

"I won't if you don't want me too." He pulled me closer to him and layed back on my bed. I rested my head on his chest and smiled. "I will never leave you unless you want me too. You know that, right?"

"Not really." I sighed. "All I've really known is the feeling of being left." I frowned even though he couldn't see me.

"Awe, Kylie." Ashton wrapped his arm around me and kissed the top of my head. "I will never, in a million years, leave you."

I looked up at him. He smiled down at me, pushing my hair befind my ear. He slowly leaned towards me and this time I didn't stop him. I let him put his lips on mine. They were soft against mine. I couldn't explain the feeling. It felt.. right?

After a few seconds, Ashton pulled away. I bit my lip, not knowing what to do. I layed my head on his chest again. I'm so dreaming right now.

"You're so cute." He chuckled. I felt my cheeks heat up so I hid my face in his chest. He started playing with my hair. "Stop being so shy around me. There's no need to be."

I looked up at him to say something, but when I did, he was "sleeping" so instead, I closed my eyes and drifted into a deep sleep.


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