Luke's POV

We all finally got to Ashton's house and Michael rang the doorbell, Ash answered and let us inside.

"I'll be back down in a minute" he ran upstairs and slammed his bedroom door.

We went into the living room and sat down on the couch, I saw a familiar white case with a black bow on it emerging from underneath some magazines.

"Why is Ariana's phone here?" I asked and pulled it out from underneath everything.

I held the lock button down until her phone switched on, I waited for it to load properly and Calum and Michael sat either side of me.

0 new messages.

I clicked the message icon and saw that she had seen Calums, mine and Michaels texts.

"She's ignoring us" I laughed.

"She isn't here either" Calum added.

"Ash!" Michael shouted.

"What?!" Ash screamed back.

"Where's Ariana?!" Cal screamed.

"I don't know!" He shouted.

"So, nobody knows where she is.." Calum honestly looked so worried about her.


It was now dark outside and Ariana still hasn't returned, I don't know where her parents are either.

"We need to go out and look for her" Michael agreed with Calum

"Ash and Kelly can stay here" I added and we got up from the couch.

We left the house and went out to look for Ariana, Calum got an idea and he ran off in a random direction.

"He thinks she might be at the park" I gasped and nodded.

"She is!" Ashton shouted from his bedroom window.

"How do you know?" Michael asked

"I dont, calum will find her so come back in here!" He shouted and closed the window.

We went back inside and watched something random on the tv.

Ariana's POV

I sat on the same bench as last night, I looked at the beautiful pond that was glistening in the moonlight.

I sighed happily and remembered I had been here since I left this morning, time really does fly.

I don't feel much better but I've had time to think and hopefully I'll be able to move on soon so I don't keep getting hurt all of the time.

I pulled out my notebook and finished the sketch I drew of the pond earlier, it looks alright if I'm honest but then again I'm not an artist.

"Ariana!" I jumped and turned around, I wish I didn't turn around and I wish I just ran as fast as I could but I didnt and now I was faced with Calum.

"I've been looking everywhere for you!" He reached over to wipe one of my tears that began to trail down my cheeks, I moved away quickly and he looked confused.

"Why are you ignoring everyone?" He asked.

"I don't feel like talking to people" I mumbled

"Why do you hate me?" He asked

"I don't.. Its actually the opposite, Calum.. I like you.. A lot, I just ruined everything so .. Goodbye Calum" I grabbed my bag and left Calum speechless on the bench.


I headed home and I walked up to my front door and I reached my hand out to the door handle.

"Ariana?!" Calums voice sounded, I slowly turned around and I saw him smiling at me.


So guys, Ariana and Calum or Ariana and Michael? Who do you want to get together? :)

Thanks for reading next part will be up soon!

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