The Plan Begins

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Mathena woke up, sunlight streaming from the windows reflecting off the stone floor. A small white bird with blue dye tipped wings was on her windowsill. She got up and walked over, the bird chirped and tapped its small beak on the wall.

She gently set her hand on the window sill, the bird hopping into her hand. "A messaging dove..." she determend from its willingness to come to her. One of the only people who could fully and sucessfully do that was Kat. This was confirmed by the blue letting her know that the message wasnt urgent but needed attention. She gently caressed the bird and sure enough there was a a note hidden under its feathers. She gently untied it and read the note.

"Remember meet me at the "spot". Expect a couple extras they can help. Dont worry they dont know its for you, you can let them know yourself if you want. -Kat" The small bird flew off out the window.

She burned the note over one of the torches in her room. After leaving a note for her parents who were presumably still asleep or preparing for the festival she ran back to her room put a hook through a notch in the stone and jumped out the window.

After falling for a bit she caught herself and lowered herself down slowly. She hopped off and flicked the rope in such a way that it knocked loose and she caught it carefully rolling it back up into her pocket. She walked until she got to the recreation area and went to the old briar patch. Nobody knew this, but there was a small area in the massive walls and tangles of thorns that if you got on your stomach and crawled you could eventually get to a beautiful small meadow and pond with a brook leading through. It was her and Kats favorite spot as children.

She thought back to happy memories of them spending summer days and evenings in the area, and after a few minuites of shimmying on her stomach, she got through to the other side. Kat wasn't there yet. Presumably getting her two other people so she decided to wait by the water.

After a while movement could be heard in the briars and Kats voice encouraging who ever followed."Come on not much further." Kat popped out first dusting herself off. "Oh my gosh" a voice groaned and another girl popped out. "Eira?" She heard faint jingling followed by another girl popping out "Isnt there a faster way to get to here?" "Serephina!" Eira and Serephina were also friends of Mathena for a few years.

Eira was slightly on the short side with brown almost red hair. She was an Archer and good at it she was a sweet but ocasionally blunt girl. The latter Serephina was a girl with silvery white shoulder length hair and always seen with sliver bells around her neck.

The academy is a home to a variety of people and creatures for example, unicorns. Unicorns aren't the way that they are portrayed today, with some even fighters. A few centurys back an enchanter with the help of a few mages and a alchemist was able to create a device that allows unicorns to change back and forth between their human and animal forms at will. Serephina was one of the Unicorns to get a silver necklace.

Serephina was kind but had a quick temper. But when she wasn't angry which was pretty often she was bubbly and easily excitable.

After everyone was out and up they exchanged hugs. "To be honest, " Mathena started "I was nervous about who you were bringing." Kat laughed "don't worry I thought long and hard about it before I did, and even then i was worried about doing it." "Dont worry I trust you" Mathena said with a grin and a playful punch on Kats arm Kat grinned punching her back. Mathena turned"Serephina, Eira!" She hugged them again "Its great to see you guys!"

They hadn't been able to see each other much since they got into their different professions. They all sat and talked for a bit, laughed about old stories and exchanged new ones.

"So whats going on? What did you all need," Serephina asked, Eira nodding in agreement.  Kat looked at Mathena and after a bit Mathena nodded. "I need help with a task I've taken up," she paused "I've decied that I'm going to be an assassain." A gasp arose from the two girls. "Matty? Have you really?" Serephina asked. Mathena nodded, " now I have an outline of what I need I just dont know how I'm going to go about doing it." Eira spoke up first, "well what do you need? Let me know and I have a feeling I can find it." "Weapons I'm going to need weapons stuff to carry and modify into one. But I need them from somewhere I'm not known." Eira thought for a bit " I know just the place its about a half a days ride if we start out early." Serephina giggled with excitment. "This is going to be so cool!" Mathena and Kat laughed "We'll meet at the gates tomorrow morning before dawn. Okay?" The girls agreed and went their seperate ways. Now her destiny was about to begin.

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