Chapter 2-The Essay

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Kamerons POV


"Mr. Watts is there something you want to share with the class," said Mrs. Smith the biology teacher.

I turned away from where I was whispering naughty things into Liz's ear to face her.

"Actually there is," I said before standing up.

When an very authentic British accent I recited "I do believe, we are a lost people. The world shall burn under my fiery hands and people's heads shall spontaneously combust under my gaze. This is why, I would love to be anally fisted by Elizabeth, or Joshua."

With a gasp Josh put his right hand over his heart and said "Anything for you big Daddy," and licked his lips seductively.

Out of know where the classroom door bust open with a loud voice saying "Did someone say anal," coming from the hallway before Kelsey strutted her sexy self into the room.

At this point Mrs. Alexander had given up trying to control the class and went to her desk to think about her life choices and where she went wrong.

Josh continued to groupe himself while staring into my eyes. The moment was broken though when a sound that should not come from a human being emerged from Liz's throat .

"Liz go to a fucking doctor before you die," exclaimed Josh

"Don't tell me how to live my life."

Before anyone else could say anything class ended.

"Thank fucking God," someone said.

Mrs. Alexander was to focused on her phone to notice that everyone was leaving.

"So," Josh started,"Have any of you finished the essay contest in Mr. Wilsons class."

"No," said Liz and Kesey

"Oh yea I finished that awhile ago," I said, "I can't wait to take the cruise across the pacific."

Turning to Liz I said

"Hurry up and finish or you won't be able to go 'cause if you don't it'll just be josh and I."

Josh didn't really have a problem with that, really the smirk on his face suggested otherwise.

"Kameron, don't worry I'll finish it before the deadline," with that we proceeded to have a face battle and when I shoved my tongue down Liz's throat I believe I won.

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