Harry's pov:

We laid under the stars which was beautiful just me and louis it was peaceful no one to disturb us.

"Should we go swimming " He got up pointing to the river.

"It's gonna be cold you know"

He pulled me up and started to strip.

"Woah what are you doing" I looked at him seeing him pull his jeans down to his feet and throwing it on the blanket.

"Getting in the water naked you coming in "

"Yeh ok then I guess "

I started to take my clothes off and saw louis run into the water while his bum was jiggling up and down.

"Come on hazz"


I walked in slowly looking at louis swimming around.

"So here we are in a river naked"

We both giggled and we began to swim around.

"Should we play tag"

"How old are you again"

"Aww come on please you know you want to"

"Fine "

"Your on it "

"And what if I get you then what"

"Wait and see "

He swam away fast. I started to swim towards him but I was to slow to catch him.

"Come on no fair"

"Come on"

He stopped and but luckily I was near him at the time and grabbed him hugging him.

"A ha" I yelled

He jumped and tried to escape.

"Noooo" he screamed and swam away.

"Fuck sake louis"

I chased him again till I finally reach for his arm and pull him towards me.

"Yes" I smiled while harry fronded

"Great" he pouted his bottom lip and then smiled.

"What do I get now that I catched you"

"wait and see "

He pulls me in for a kiss. He moved his hands to my arse and out of no where he jumped on me wrapping his legs around my waist.

"Its so peaceful isn't it" I said into the kiss

"Mm it is"

He looked down and his cheeks went red .
Im on his foot.



"Aww our first words we said to each other"

He smiled.

"Harry get of my foot please"

"Omg sorry Lou"

"It kills"

"Sorry I'll kiss it better if you really want me to"

"No its Ok "

"You sure"

"Yeh I'm sure"


I laugh at the Joke he makes and place little kisses around his neck then move to his face placing kisses on his cheek then going to his mouth. His lips were rough and dry but I licked them so it made it better.

*our kiss went on for ages*

"Come on let's get out its freezing"

"Aww Ok"

"We can stay in then"

"Don't worry let's go"

I carry him out and place him on the blanket

"here" I throw his boxers at him and a towel to dry off with


As I place my boxers on I cuddle up to him and kiss his lips once again

"Love you"

"Love you too"

I placed my arm over his head and we began counting the stars.

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