Mindfullness/ and me no one can bring me down

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Mindfulness is a skill that can be developed through practice, just like any other skill. You could also think of it as a muscle. The muscle of mindfulness grows both stronger and more supple and flexible as you see it. And like a muscle, it grows best when working with a certain amount of resistance to challenge it and thereby help it become stronger. Our bodies our minds, and the stress of our daily lives certainly provide us with plenty of resistance to challenge it, and thereby help it become stronger.  Indeed, you might say they provide just the right conditions for developing our innate capacities for knowing our own mind and shaping its ability to stay present to what is most germane and important in our lives, and by doing so discover new dimensions of well being and even happiness without having to change anything.

Stress ive been through it as a teen and it sucks and its natural hell i even stress every day and cause myself to stress myself to panic attacks but i learn to embrace who i am and say yes i worry a lot im emotional that doesn't mean you have to bully me bring me down make me cry, that is wrong i mean im a special girl no one i mean no one or anyone can bring me down anytime im gonna keep my head up and im not gonna let those bullies bother me because they think that making me cry or anything is fun well its not tons of people get bullied everyday I being one of them, and it stands and stays because bullies are heartless cruel people and they shouldn't judge im a girl im normal sure i have problems and things but that doesn't mean bring me down, I am gonna keep it real stay true to who I am stay true to everything around me and the people and what I believe in and yass i will believe in myself never give up or put myself down i will bring myself right back up thats right Anyone knocks me down I will get back up keep fighting cause I know that to never give up and to literally shine bright like a diamond and no one will bring me down thats what i think to myself don't let the hate or the haters get to you be stronger then that fight for what you are and what you believe in and who you are nobody can change you, but you can sure know who you are inside. I am an amazing person inside and no one no one can change me :)

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