What is it like two highly functioning sociopaths as brothers; and older brothers at that? Come on get real, it is not all that fun; especially if you are a girl and they are bent upon believing that you are not able to take care of your own or being on your own. You have allies but they will hardly come into sibling matters.

Being a tomboy (raise yourself besides brothers and only male friends and you will know why I mentioned that), you always snort and snarl and make rude and sarcastic comments -but that helps you nowhere since they always win two against one. And of course they have to say that you are younger than them by quite a margin.

Big brothers are always annoying; but aren't they adorable too? Especially when they are trying to keep you off a 'highly functioning' psychopath this time. But there it is again you can kick an arse or two when it comes to it maybe more. Please give it a read and tell me how it is, it is my first fan fiction -I don't expect it will be very good. Also this is a BBC Sherlock fanfic but I have a bad habit of writing in the Victorian style....please don't mind -I'll try to do something about it.

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