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I've never felt this sad
I need some morphine
And maybe I won't feel so bad
Or maybe I'm just lying to myself
I'm pulling a you,
Feeling more than I really felt
Make as many excuses as you like
Im just gonna put you on mute
And say goodnight
You promised not to hurt me
Thank you for lying
I'm sorry for begging, for keep on ️Trying
I think they were right.
You used me for your personal gain
I didn't believe them,
Didn't think you liked to play games
But darling I was falling for you
And you said you were falling too
Of course you lied.
How could someone love a girl,
Who wishes for suicide?
I needed you so bad.
We had so much in common,
And we both lost our dads..
But I didn't like the small talk
I wanted to know your middle name,
I wanted to know everything
Maybe it's the person I am
I could never hurt you
But all along, wasn't that your plan?
I'm stupid... So stupid
You've torn my heart apart
I'm so close.. I'm about to lose it
I wish heartbreak was an alarm
Then maybe I could snooze it
I'm not ready to fall apart again
I'm not strong enough to just be your friend
But if I shut you out,
Wouldn't that be worse?
I swear I hate you,
You're name is like a curse
I say it slowly like a spell
And the flames raise up
Like an enchanted hell

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