Ch. 16

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Third person POV:

Alyssa stood in the corner with her knees to her chest crying. She just wanted to go home, she had know idea why she was mad over them kissing.

She had a feeling inside of her chest burning for some kind of pain.

She's depressed sad confused and stressed all in one.


"Alyssa move" ashton chuckles

"never" Alyssa says cuddling into him a little more

"Why not?" Ashton asks chuckling.

"I feel safe" she blurts out. Ashton starts to blush surprising himself.

Ashton. Decided to pick up his attitude a little more so she wouldn't become to comfortable with him.

"Well you shouldn't". "I say in my scary voice" ashton didn't notice he said the last part aloud.

Alyssa starts to laugh.

"Why are you laughing?" He asks with confusion.

"Ohh. Ashton used his scary voice everyone hide" she laughs making Ashton's cheeks heat up."did I say that out loud?" Ashton asks

"Maybe you did maybe you didn't who knows" she giggles and hops from the bed walking into the kitchen.

"Where do you think your going?" He asks a bit afraid that she's going to leave.

"Making breakfast what does it look like I'm doing?" She replies. "Why are you so comfortable here all of a sudden?" He asks wondering why.

"I'm not I just realized I'll be here for awhile" she replies smiling and turning around to the kitchen.

"Okay" He reply a bit surprised by her choice of words.

He goes back into his room to notice it's super clean and things have been moved around.

"No way she did this" He says under his breath.

"No way but I did" she says behind me.

"How'd you get there" He asks a bit startled. "Well I was going to ask you to get some eggs from the store because I'm more then sure you wouldn't want me to leave" she says

"And how don't I know you won't leave while I'm gone" He says a bit curious.

"Just tie me to the pole down in the basement if it makes you feel better.. Considering that I shut and locked a window in the Kitchen while you were past out in your room" she says with a smirk.

"Why don't I believe you?" He replies.

"Go check for yourself.. it's right across from the door I locked last night.. Don't want any rapists coming in here taking me away without asking" she replies turning around going back in the kitchen leaving him a bit freaked out by her choice of words.

"I can't even make bacon. You have nothing in this damn house!" She yells from across the hall.

He chuckles to himself going into his room to get his handcuffs.

He walk into the kitchen seeing her looking into the fridge .. Perfect He thinks to myself.

-End of Flashback-

Alyssa's lips reflects a smile of sadness and pure happiness, much like a bittersweet one. Her eyes started to burn and as if on que the tears escaped her eyes, trailing down her cheeks. A sobbed slipped past her lips and her limbs started to shake.

She has never been this upset and this confused in her whole life, as much as she is right now. Alyssa brought her shaking hands and brushed the tear off of her face and tried to get up only to fall back against the wall. She had no intention and time to feel like this. All she wanted was to leave. Not to her parents. Not to school. Not to any of her friends. Just alone... where no one could hit her.

Alyssa's POV:

I wipe the tears from my eyes trying to stop them from pouring.

The bedroom door opens to reveal Alison and I try my hardest to not roll my eyes.

"Alyssa can I talk to you?" She asks. As much as I don't want her to I nod. She sits next to me on the floor and sighs before talking. "I-I think I like Ashton" she says. As soon as the words leave her mouth I feel anger fill my body.

"W-what?" I ask trying to keep calm. Obviously failing.

"I like Ashton. In the. Like-Like way" she says as I stand to my feet.

"What! You can't!" I yell causing her to jump back. "What's the big deal" she asks making me even more mad.

"What's the big deal! Well first of all. He's an abuser. Second of all. He'll probably rape you next. And third of all your 15!" I yell louder then I should of.

She starts to cry.

I don't feel bad one bit.. Okay maybe I feel bad a little bit. But she deserved it.

Ashton walks in the room and his eyes widen "What the Fuck happen?" He asks.

I roll my eyes.

"Ask your girlfriend" I say walking away he grabs my arm. "Ashton can you just stop it! Im done with you! I'm done with her! I'm literally done with life! Don't be surprised if I'm gone tomorrow!" I yell running into the guessed room closing and locking the door.

"Alyssa open up" Ashton says on the other side of the door. I sob "just leave me alone." I say I lay on the bed. Crying obviously done with everything.

Sometimes I wish I can redo things. Like just run away from ashton when I met him. I just wanted someone to talk to. I was hurt and lost.

I'm still hurt. But it will take a whole lot more to be broken.

My father told me something like that before he passed away. I never forgot him actually. I know he's looking down upon me right now.

I just wish he could help me somehow

Ashton's knocking fades meaning he gave up trying to open the door. Which I'm grateful for. He would've probably just abused me as always. I roll my eyes at the thought.

I stay in the room for a good two hours. Yes two hours. I didn't want to get out. But I think it's time to now.

Second thought maybe I shouldn't.

Maybe if I stay in here long enough he'll let me leave.

I decided on staying in the room. Not for long. Maybe just for the day.

"Alyssa?" I hear ashton say from the other side of the door. His voice somewhat soft. Bipolar much?.

The door nob twist as I pretend to be asleep. He must've picked the lock or something.

He pulls the Blanket from the end of the bed over my body.

He walks over to me "I'm sorry" he whispers in my ear making chills run my spine.

He lays on the bed bringing me into his chest.

Not caring to change out of his skinny jeans.

A small smile placed on my lips but quickly went away before he can notice.

And then before I notice I fall into a real sleep.

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