Prologue: Are you kidding me?

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Hey guys it's me Rocket, said Rocket Raccoon when he got back on his spaceship. Hello! But there was no answer. Um, hello. Anyone there. All of a sudden out of nowhere when he turned the corner he saw all of his teammates the Guardians of the Galaxy getting ready to shoot him or cut him or choke him to death with there weapons, or fists. Um, are you okay, asked Rocket very politely, and quietly. All of his teammates even Groot had glowing blue eyes.
We are ordered to kill you by the Brotherhood, and Sisterhood of the Baddoon, said Starlord very strangly, and kind of roboty. Then they all started shooting or slashing or trying to choke Rocket Raccoon to death, so Rocket Raccoon flew out of the spaceship into the unknown of well to him very know of space. As he flew he screamed RUN OR GET SHOT SLICED, OR CHOKED TO DEATH RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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