Love and Torture

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I stomp my foot impatiently as I attempt to wait for my boyfriend to get here. He was supposed to be here over an hour ago and it’s starting to make me a little anxious.

“He’ll be here Harry, stop worrying.” My mum calls out from the kitchen. I guess she can read my thoughts.

What if Eleanor got him to go with her to London? What if she talked him into it ‘cause I mean, she does have this way about her. I think that if she wasn’t trying to steal my boyfriend then maybe we could be friends…

“Harry you’re gonna worry yourself to death, Louis told you he’s coming and he is.” My mum comes from the kitchen, placing a hand on my bouncing knee.

“He’s late.” I say plainly. She smiles and shakes her head at me.

“I’m sure he has a good reason, I’m gonna finish making lunch for you guys. You okay?” I nod absentmindedly as I stand up from the couch and make my way out to the patio. I breathe in the fresh air trying to calm my nerves. I miss him that’s all; I try to convince myself but my brain isn’t agreeing with me. Truthfully I’m scared, scared that he might have gone with London to Eleanor and even more scared that he could actually be falling for her like I know she’s fallen for him. I close my eyes and take in the sounds around me as I sit down in a chair closest to the railing.

I really need to calm my nerves because I’m clearly overreacting. The sound of tires screeching to a halt makes me snap open my eyes. I stand up and lean over the railing to look around the corner to the driveway. That’s Louis’ car… he’s here! I practically run in the house and down the stairs to the front door; I rip it open and run out to his car. I stop in my tracks when I see her.

Louis gives me an apologetic smile as he gets out of the driver side.  I back up towards the front door when Eleanor gets out of the driver side. At this point I want to go and crawl under a rock and just stay there for a while.

“She missed her flight and we couldn’t get her on another one until tomorrow afternoon.” Louis answers my unasked question. He’s knows what I’m thinking though.

“Oh.” Yeah, that’s all I got.

“Hey Harry.” Eleanor waves enthusiastically. I don’t want to be rude so I give her a forced smile and a small wave.

“Louis, Eleanor.” My mum comes from the house and says. She places a hand on my shoulder and gives it a small squeeze. I look over to her and she’s sporting the same smile Louis was a minute ago. “It’s so good to see you both.” She adds, walking over and giving them both a hug. “Let’s get inside; I’ve got lunch ready upstairs.” She says grabbing Eleanor’s bag and leading her inside.

“I’ll be in shortly.” Louis tells my mum and Eleanor who both give him a nod and smile. I don’t move as Louis closes the distance between us, engulfing me in a hug. “I’ve missed you so much.” He tells me, but all the joy and enthusiasm I had five minutes ago is gone. She’s here and she’s intruding on the little amount of alone time him and I get to have.  “I’m sorry Harry. She missed her flight and I couldn’t just leave her at the airport. I didn’t want to--”

I hold a hand up, cutting him off. I really don’t want to have this conversation. I’m tired of talking about Eleanor. We get a few days to actually be alone without the other guys and the whole world watching and judging us and I don’t want to spend it arguing about something that neither of us can change.

“I missed you.” I lift up my arms and wrap them around him. He smiles and hugs me tightly.

“You have no idea.” He whispers. We pull back and give each a quick kiss before heading inside.


“Lunch was delicious Mrs. Cox.” Eleanor says politely to my mum and I fight the urge to scowl. You know that feeling when you want to hate someone so much but you can’t because they’re such a nice person? Well that’s exactly what I feel when it comes to Eleanor.

“Yes, it was.” Louis adds in and I glare at him. Don’t jump on Eleanor’s bandwagon; although, the food was really delicious.

“Eleanor would you like to help me in the kitchen and give the boys some guy time.”

“Oh sure Mrs. Cox.” I mentally thank my mum. She gives me a small smile as she reads my mind.

“And call me Anne sweetie.” Eleanor smiles and nods as they grab up our plates and head into the kitchen.

“I totally love your mum.” Louis smiles as we both get up from our chairs.

“Yeah.” I return a smile. I don’t know what I want to do more right now, kiss him or hug him. “Come on.” I grab his hand and lead him down the hallway to my room. I close the door and as quickly as it closed Louis’ back was against it. I step forward and kiss him; the kiss rough and a bit sloppy but in a good way. “I’ve missed your lips.” I pull back and breathe out. He decides that words are useless right now as he places a hand on the back of my head and pulls me back into the kiss. I moan and it only spurs him on more. He switches our position and now I’m the one against the door. He pulls back briefly and removes his shirt and mine.

“Turn around.” He commands me and that’s all it takes for me to get hard. I comply and he kisses his way down my back. I moan and each time his lips touch my back and arch into his touch. “Take off your pants.” He commands again and I comply quickly.

These are the days I cherish the most, not because we get to have sex but because I get to show him through my kiss, my touch, and my actions just how much I love him.


We weren’t planning on having sex, especially not with my mom right down the hall but it’s hard to keep our hands off each other when we get near one another.

“Welcome back boys.” My mum narrows her eyes at me and gives me a knowing look as I try to flatten my hair back to the way it was.

“Hey.” I croak out causing Louis to chuckle. He takes a seat on the couch next to Eleanor and I hold back a grunt as I take a seat in the chair across from the couch.

“Harry, Eleanor was just telling me that she’s never been to Holmes Chapel and would love to get a tour.”

“Mum, there’s nothing to see.” I point out with a smile. Louis chuckles, he’s been here plenty times before. He knows that I’m not kidding.

“I would love to see around though.” Eleanor speaks up.

“Alright.” I stand up from the couch. I know that showing her around will make my mum happy, she’s quite fond of Eleanor and hates that she has to be in the middle of Louis and I. It’s not fair what management is doing to her but I don’t think they really even care. “Let’s do this.” I clap my hands together once, faking excitement. I have no desire to do anything that involves the girl that gets to kiss the love of my life but I’ll do whatever to make my mum happy.

Eleanor smiles and claps excitedly, standing up from the couch. Louis follows suit. I give my mom a smile and she returns an appreciative one.

Guess I’m spending the day with my boyfriend and his girlfriend. Should be interesting.

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