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Pen Your Pride

a real story about a boy

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His name was johnnie he was bi and emo he had a cruch on one of the boys who bullied him before but he stoped which Is great but johnnie always looks at him and his cruch would only look at him with a smirk planted on his stupid fucking face  and his friends would say oww look at that fag his so stupid!!

Why don't you go and hurt yourself ..or go to your friend who always helps you and cry to hom ...

Johnnie didnot care about what they say he would just put his headphones on and listen to high music and just run away somewhere where he can be alone and cry he was my friend and his still my friend I tolld him that he would find someone better and all he would say that he hate his self and how much he hated life I felt sorry for him I hate seeing any one hurt like this .. yes he cut ..his arms wrists are full of cuts he would  wear a hodie and long sleeve shirt even if it was so hot he would just stay in thoes black clothes he didn't care well no he did he's a human too which have feelings and I care about him his my bro too well after lili ; (

I try to stop him and I did but he would still cut alittle which make me mad at him ...

His a realy cute boy with a black hair and a beautiful babyblue eyes his so white realy if you see him you would say his an ghost ...jk

I wish he would find the right person which makes him happy ...

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