When Tini arrived at the studio – we called it studio, because of “Violetta”. It just sounded cool – everybody was standing around her. Did I miss anything important? “Hey Nico! Do you know why everybody’s standing around Tini? Did something happen?” I asked him. Nicolas was my best friend as Andres, but also in reality. “Well, I heard that Tina has a boyfriend recently.” He answered. “What?” I couldn’t believe that. MY Tini has a boyfriend? She hasn’t told me about it. No, this cannot be true. “Are you sure about that?” He shook his head. “No, maybe I understood something wrong. I just heard a few sentences. But why do you care?”

I don’t know. Why did I want to…yeah NEEDED to know this? “We…we are friends. I just want her to be happy.” The first sentence was a lie, but the second one was the truth.


I was standing in front of the Studio and nearly everybody was around me. All of them – except of Mechi and Lodovica of course – wanted to know everything about this guy. What his name was, how he looks like and how we first met. All these questions did they ask me, and even a lot more than that. And I couldn’t do anything against it. In this moment I just needed Jorge who could support me, instead of bombarding me with questions. But he wasn’t there. I saw him sitting on a bench at the other side of the ground with Nicolas. He was upset, but why? Because of me? No, he certainly just fought with his girlfriend.

A few minutes later we started acting and I finally could ask Jorge what was wrong with him. “Nothing, why do you ask?” he replied. “I can see you’re upset. You know you can tell me, right?” He nodded. “Honestly I don’t know either, what’s going on with me. Maybe just I have my terrible day.” Jorge said with a grin and I was glad, it wasn’t my fault. Or his girlfriend. I couldn’t stand Stephie and I really didn’t want Jorge to be sad because of her.

“Is it right, that you aren’t single anymore?” he asked and seemed to be anxious about my answer. “Yeah, that’s right.” But since when did he care? “Why do you ask?” Now I had to know it for sure. “Nico told me and I needed to hear it from you.” I was disappointed because of his answer and I wondered what answer I actually wanted to hear.


I really was strange to Tini. And always she mentioned his boyfriend I reacted madly. I didn’t show Tini obviously that I didn’t like her boyfriend, but I knew I already hated him, although I haven’t even met him. Neither Nico nor I knew, why exactly. “What’s going on with you? This guy hasn’t done anything wrong. You don’t even know him.” He said.

“I know you’re right, but every time she starts with this Javier, I curse this ass. I imagine, he is dumb, ugly and really arrogant.” “Tell me, are you jealous?” Nico asked and I shook my head. “Bullshit. I’m not jealous. Why should I be? I have a girlfriend, in case you forgot. Also she is far too young for me.” I meant, but I wasn’t sure at all, if Nico maybe was right.

“And how can you explain, why you don’t like that Javier yet?” “Well, I… he…HE EXISTS!” I was astounded of what I said. Was I really jealous? That would mean that I’m in love with Tini. “Is it possible to be jealous, even if you’re not in love?” Nico grinned. “I knew it!” he said and sat next to me. “Yeah, I guess that’s possible. When you realize you wouldn’t spend less time with somebody as a friend or whatever.” I nodded. I liked that explanation better. And so I just had to be around her all the time, so I can see her more often than Javier.

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