Chapter 6 Tris POV

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"Are sure you still want to be with him?" Christina asks warily

"Yeah...I mean Peter's changed so much...he's a different person now" I explain

For breakfast I chose a breakfast bar and a soft drink. I'm looking forward to being with Peter after the trip home.

Standing with an apple in hand, Christina yawns. It's the last day of the expedition, they found it was two ex-erudite's who went insane so they were kicked out of their faction and escaped the city. They stole an Amity truck which had a load of gasoline stored in the back to keep them going for days and a stock pile of food to last a year.

The taller figure tries to free himself from the shackles he's been locked into whilst the a lot smaller one cries hysterically. Both screaming their lungs out.

It's impressive, how they managed to build a radar signal to tease the city.

Not everyone in dauntless went on the expedition. From what I know: Zeke, Shauna, Marlene, Lynn and Tori stayed back in the dauntless compound with the other large half of dauntless. I'll still have to explain to those lot why I'm dating Peter.

I'm still thinking about last night, with Peter. He was so gentle with every touch, never meaning any damage. I just love him so much. Everything about him is perfect, his charming looks, his candy-sweet attitude.

I'm cut out of my daydream by Christina running towards a crowd. When I say crowd, more like a ring. People gasping and others yelling. What on earth is going on?

I push past the gasping audience to reveal Eric and some other guy holding Peter by his arms whilst Tobias beats the shit out of him. Blood drips down Peter's face like a river from his nose as he groans with Tobias kicking him in the nuts.

Pausing, Tobias seems to have stopped yet he starts beating Peter up again. This time preparing to kick Peter in the teeth. Thinking of nothing else but Peter, I run past Christina and push Eric and the other guy away. I cradle Peter's head in my arms as I sob over his body.

"'s're okay.." I whimper

My hands soon become soaked his dark red blood from his face and head. Red marks cover his once beautiful face, lip split open and off centre nose from Tobias's boot in contact with his nose.

"Tris...I love you..."whispers Peter as his eyelids droop

Impulsively, I pull his wrist up and check for a pulse. My mouth drops open in shock...nothing. I'm about to check again as I'm sure I'm not doing it right when Tobias pushes me over. Eric and him grab Peter by his legs and arms, making a dash for the lake. Before I know it Peter's been chucked into the shallow lake.

Look, some of his actions may lead people to believe he deserved this when he really didn't. He's the best thing that's ever happened to me, making me realise how lucky I a, in this world to have the past I had and of course...him. I stare meaninglessly at the lake before Christina come to my attention with her nagging.

"Tris we have to go...the trucks are about to leave" Christina says tugging on my sleeve


"Tris you will be left behind if you do" she warns

I take one last look at the lake before whispering under my breath.

"I love you too Peter"

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