The Fake Guy

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Cops came back the next day. To Tell the manager that the purple guy was a robot just like you. "no way he probably sent a robot so he wouldn't get framed" Foxy

"with out the purple guy cau-"Chica got cut off. When chica got cut off the door exploded with gas and then there were two screams.

Once the smoke disappeared people noticed that three more kids we gone. here is the check there was someone outside and he said he was sure Noone came in. So whoever did it was in the resterant.

When night time came the anamatronics we walking around bored. Freddy looked at the camera. And saw the purple guy agian on a different loop. Then he noticed something strange. The purple guy had the same hair eyes and even shoes.

Chica, Bonnie and foxy looked. The anamatronics thought that the purple guy looked a lot like the manager. Then the purple guy dropped smoke and went somewhere. Since foxy was fast he ran to the door. The animatronic thought the purple guy is still in there somewhere.

Then the phone rang. Once it went to voice mail it said "hello hello hello um anamatronics  go to the stage " and the phone hung up. "There must be some kind of team" chica said.

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