In two weeks time, mam announced our first project in literature. Now don't get me wrong, I love books. But something about romantic tragedy just puts me off. Mum tried to make me read Shakespeare but I usually just fell asleep in a few chapters. Our literature teacher was a dreamy old woman with an angelic face. "You will have Shakespeare for this project! " she beamed at the lot of us, like she was baking chocolate truffle cakes for us, "You can choose your own tragedies. Ofcourse, and you will be working with parteners " she continued. Great! I scoffed inwardly, a cherry on the top!

I turned around me for prospective parteners. Conner who was now sitting next to me turned to the other side with Veronica. I looked to my left and found Lexis waiting patiently for me. "Hi!" I said "Guess we are stuck together." Something about talking to him sent shivers down my spine. Danger! Whispered my subconscious. But something about this danger attracted me. "Yeah! So do you like Shakespeare? " he asked in his deep rough voice. "Not really."I sighed.

"What tragedy should we choose then? " he asked looking equally lost about this as I was. I remembered, my mum loved Othello. So that is what I suggested. He agreed quickly to it. We selected the Othello option on our tab and went through the summary, assigning chapters to each other and trying not to fall asleep. After about half an hour we were exhausted. I looked over to Conner who I suppose was shamelessly flirting with Veronica, cause she was obviously blushing. Seeing as I had nothing to do, I decided to try my hand at small talk.

"Are you and Johanna really related? "I asked, mentally cursing my mouth. Great way to get small talk done! I observed his features to see if he was angry, but he only looked amused, he almost smiled.

"Well, we do have the same father. "He shrugged. I did not quite expect him to continue, but he did .

"My mother died when I was eight. Dad married Johanna's mum a month later and since then she has been a good mother to me. The least I can do for her is put up with her daughter. "

I looked at him questioningly. This small bit of information increased my thirst. Somehow I just wanted to know more about him. I wanted to know everything about him. The reason behind his carefully masked sadness and the one for his wall. He answered before I had to ask. "Dad and mum were forcefully married by their parents. Dad loved Janet, Johanna's mother back then. He kept up his relationship with Janet even after marrying mum. He says mum loved someone too, but he did not return her love. So she understood dad and allowed this. After mum died of the car accident, dad married Janet. Since then Janet is the only mother I have known. Johanna too is good, she is only extremely spoilt. "

"Don't you miss her? "I asked.

"Not really. I never quite knew her. Even when she was there, she was not quite attentive towards me. Janet is a much better mother. " I nodded without understanding. "And what about you? " he asked.

What about me? What should I say? There was nothing left for me to say. No one left to talk about. The pain suddenly soared in my chest and I clutched in hard. Too much pain.

"Excuse me" I managed to whisper before bolting out of the classroom. I ran outside to the stables. I felt someone running behind me but did not care. In a haze I took my pony.