Chapter 8

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Flashback to First Day At Gym


I did my kip, pullover perfect and of course I got the looks from my teammates!!! They are in high school, sorry for being in 6th grade, GOSH!!

Gracie, the oldest girl on the team, is super jealous of me! She is an only child and let's just say, she gets what she wants!!!! I got my aerial on beam and she is still working on her backhandspring step out! That is a back handspring with your feet apart in the air. She's not a bad gymnast, but she is really jealous of me. One time when I was on the bars practicing, she took my feet and pulled me off!  I didn't make a scene, I just accepted it.

Gracie, is the type of girl who scares you! She wears black eye shadow and read lipstick. Also, she is a bully! Girls at her school have said she has gone to the office a lot! Enough about Gracie, I'm sick of talking about her!

today at gymnastics practice


Coach wanted me to practice really had for the practice meets, showing our parents. I was doing my aerial on beam and practicing this thing on the bars. When you are jumping from the low bar to the high bar you do this jump where you bring your legs to your waist to make a v. I fall practically every time!!

Sorry for this short chapter!
The next chapter is about her dad coming home!!

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