D'Anna's POV

"Your late."

"Mom, I know and I'm sorry but I got caught up with the last few details for the prom and I ran into 5SOS and OH MY GOD!"

"What's wrong honey?"

"I just ran into 5SOS as if that is the most causal thing in the world! My life is complete."

"Not yet, now go change Elliot will be here any minute now and I want you kids to look sharp."


"Your brothers are already getting ready now march!" I walked up the stairs looking for an outfit to wear. Once I spotted one my favorite shirts I had my outfit planed. I took a quick shower in the bathroom down the hall and curled the ends of my hair and put EOS on my lips. I walked past the twins room towards the stairs.

"I don't understand why we have to dress up. Elliot has seen us in our worse states, we shouldn't need to impress him."

"Yea but you know how mom is, she likes to impress everyone." David answered loudly.

"Shut up David!" We laughed at my mom who was fixing her makeup in her room.

*Ding dong*

"D'Anna answer that and greet him like the lady you are!"

"D'Anna answer that and greet him like the lady you are." I mimicked her as David tried to stifle a laugh. Brian ran down the stairs and stood next to David. I opened the door to see Elliot, my mom's boyfriend of 6 years.

"Hello Elliot, please come in and make yourself comfortable. Mi casa es tu casa."

"Hey kiddo, you know you don't need to recite the same thing everytime I come over."

"Tell that to my mom, she is driving us insane with all of this." I motioned to Brian and David standing next to each other like statues.

"Hey boys." Elliot patted their backs and the twins sat down.

"Hey Elliot."

"Hey man." They did their stupid little handshake.


"There's my queen. How are you doing darling?"

"Great, and you?" they exchanged kisses.

"Better now that I'm here."

"So what do you all want for dinner."

"Sweetheart you always cook for us, I want you to relax for once and just let me and the kids surprise you."



"Ok." She sat down and started watching TV while we walked to the kitchen.

"Ok kids, I need to tell you something."

"What's wrong?" Brian asked.

"I want to propose to your mom today but only if I get your permission."

"Of course." I was absolutely happy about this. My mom deserves the best in life, after my dad ditched her to go follow his dream of being a musician without even telling her. My mom is afraid I'll end up like him, broke without a career. His record label cut him and his manager quit after he got drunk and punched multiple people at a bar one of them being Harry Styles' sister.

"Thank you guys, I'm going to do it after dessert out in the backyard."

"Sounds romantic. So what are we cooking." David said.

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