<Chapter Three>

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"Hey do you have any gum?" I asked my friend Karen at lunch.

"Yes, why? So you don't have bad breath while making out with Brian?" She replied smugly.

"No! But he sits in front of me and we talk all the time and I don't want my breath to smell!" I said defensively.

"Mhm ok" she said handing me a piece of gum.

"Thanks" I laughed.


"So..." I said trying to hold back my laugh, "you had one..." I almost broke into giggles.

"Shut up..." Brian mumbled looking down.

"I'm sorry but that's freaking hilarious!" I said bursting into laughs.

"Ileana! Brian! Stop talking!" The teacher yelled.

We both got quiet as the class stared.

"You still had one..." I whispered, mocking him.

He groaned as he slid down in his desk while covering his face.


"Hurry up Ileana!"

"Hold on Maddy, I've never done this before." I yelled back.

I was in the school restroom trying my hardest to do a good winged eyeliner and it was actually looking decent. I was performing in my first basketball 'halftime' dance and the dress code, dark eyes, so I was struggling.

Ok so the person named 'brian' started reading this so I'm having a lot of trouble sticking to my life without embarrassing someone or making someone mad (the reason why these are so short) so I'm slowly going to stray away from my life I hope that it won't mess anything up

Thanks for reading !

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